What goes against mesh count?

Does anyone have a list of everything that counts against the mesh count?

Spark link and generators
And storage


crafting tables


Don’t forget some of the farm plants too but not all.

Combustion and kindling i think are the only ones that are complex. The others are not

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Awesome thank you!

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Rule of thumb is that a mesh is essentially anything that isn’t a normal block/fluid. So any block that isn’t a “full” block (coils, plants etc, all have empty spaces, you can see through them) and visible storage blocks.


Spiders pumpkins skulls
Doors locks shop stands baskets
Glass panes?

Poles and beams I think?

Glass blocks don’t count now I think?

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Last update on glass I think they removed them from mesh

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Yup glass panes are no longer a mesh. And not all plants are a mesh. Anything that reacts like grass is not a mesh. So wheat and a few others. But any plant that’s a 3D model is a mesh.

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only combustion is. Ornamental flowers are mesh too


Hit mesh building a new dark room in the dome so was wondering what needed to remove since it’s 3-4 plots deep now.



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i dont have much. But they are so adorable i want to make an oorty museum in all 255 colors!

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You can :blush: don’t worry

Basically everything that is not a basic building block. You can use “F1” to get to the debug menu and it will show you what your chunk limit is and allow you to see where you are at so you can verify if something specific is counting against it or not if needed.


“mesh blocks: 500” show that I am currently at 500 of my 512 mesh limit on that chunk. The information will update based on whatever block you are currently looking at. Note that a chunk is 16x16 blocks (2x2 plots) and counts from the top of the world to the bottom of the world (so stacking is counter productive).

Yeah pretty much anything that’s not a straight up cube.

Tbh I’m surprised foliage and grass don’t count against mesh limit. Grass doesn’t count right?

foliage/grass/most-crops are not individual meshes, but planar geometry that is all compositied into single big meshes for the chunk and dont count. Same for any chiselling, as well as glass panes which all composit into singular big meshes for the chunks.

The mesh limit is there for “complex meshes” that have their own individual materials, may be animated individually, have their own individual states that need setting for rendering and so cost much more on the CPU in particular to render and are limited for performance.


Ty for the helpful info as always @lucadeltodecso

I wish signs and shop stands could be redesigned so they don’t count against mesh limit.

If it’s not possible to fix it “as is”, maybe design a new kind of shop stand and signs that don’t impact mesh limit? This would help a lot with vertical builds.

those would likely stay as “mesh blocks” even if they werent complex meshes, as they “are” full entities, and the mesh block limit also helps limit having waaay too many entities around which cost ram/bandwidth as well :stuck_out_tongue: