What happened to gleambow totem

Is this item only craft able during the gleambow event? It is not visible in the knowledge tab on ps4

Oh you’re right. I thought they had changed it at the last update so that we could craft them at all times. Although it might be in the upcoming update


Make sure filter is off (usually set to “able to craft”)

Also can’t recall if can craft GB totems outside of event. Believe that is changing with next update.

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Yeap, not until the next update releases.

If you need some totems, I’m sure one of us can get you some. I made quite a few during the last event.


I would like some that are forged air and speedy

I mean aoe

Air…are you an air bender?


I have a ton for sale in EZPZ mall on maryx . Unforged

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No I am not an air bender lol. I meant forged with AOE

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do you want them forged for damage, or gleambow use?

A gleambow totem doesn’t need to do damage to break actual gleambow blocks during a battle so you can forge extra stuff on it if that’s what you’re wanting them for.

I would like them forged to hit 3x3 blocks. So I can break em down faster with my brew.

Also only want them for gleambow meteors

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Well if you want just gleambow totems and then have them forged later, I have about 900 of them.

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I have some I purchased from ezpz mall I just can’t get the aoe boon on em.

Didnt ever quite read the whole patch thing…
I think the one thing drive me In gb after first one was actually times event items… Like the totem
. I think its not good idea

Problem with that is GB meteors can happen when we want them to with the aug. what good is the aug if we can’t make the totems to break the meteors

That is good point and i know that.

But theres just little To non rarer items etc that removing the barrier between event exclusive is Pretty dumb.

As said… Only thing why i come To do gleambow event is gleambow totem. And now they are going To ruin that thing too.

Honestly to me crafted items really shouldn’t be rare. Give us placeable items that can only drop like that and make those rare. But this is off topic now.

Op: If you need totems forged I can probably do that for ya. I haven’t tried forging them before but can’t be worse than working with lucents lol.