What have been your favorite boundless releases (forum limited to last 20)

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  • 247 sovereign and creative worlds
  • 244 smarter stacks
  • 242 beacon reclaims and compactness
  • 239 love struck and prototype creative
  • 237 oortmas
  • 235 chiselable glass and gleambow racing
  • 233 closed storage and building blocks
  • 231 world shop scanners
  • 229 window panes and lattice frames
  • 227 decorative crops
  • 225 farming
  • 223 venerable forging
  • 221 chrysominter
  • 219 exo worlds, rift, blink, and umbris
  • 217 guild buffs, advanced locks and global chat
  • 215 new player polish
  • 213 poles, beams, and letter boxes
  • 211 empires guilds and messaging
  • 209 LED blocks, forge++, and oortmas
  • 207 body paint and new elemental worlds

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Which one added circuit board and filigree?

Which added undo chisels and lattice?

I believe 229 added lattice
I think 233 added filigree as one of the new blocks

There were 4 other releases since 1.0 that wouldn’t fit in the poll:

205 atlases++, and signs++
203 bomb augments
201 quality of life and bug fixes
199 new decorative props, server optimisation

If anyone wants they can do a write-in vote (mention it in a reply)

I see Mayu is on “team new building blocks“ with me

Seriously, the lack of a steady stream of new block types in a building game is perplexing to me. It’s like if LEGO only used OG block shapes and colors and never released new sets.

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All of the above! :grin:

Tough to narrow to three - but really have to give split top two to Rentals and Exos. I’ve always been an explorer at heart, new world to explore and screenshot (and destroy/gather on :wink: ) are a huge hook for me. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to give third spot to Lovestruck, since I love that event so much, and all the goodies with it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It is such a social, positive event!

Like DK, also really love the filigree and lattice adds. The scanner was a huge add too. Really, so many were!

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My favs so far are the big content/fundamental updates.

Exo worlds are great, but they are spawning too slowly to be of much use - especially lucent ones.

We need new characters, new mobs, bosses/mini-bosses (Titans? Wraiths?), interactive things like ladders/useable furniture, new activities (ie: fishing, pets, dungeon raids…)

New blocks are always welcome, but I think I’m moving over to team Mob/Machine/Character update. If the blocks were interactive, had VFX, customizable, etc maybe…but the game is in need of other things for now.

We only have 5 creatures in the entire universe (re-textures don’t count as diff creatures).
One character race.
One main weapon & a couple of other so-so “weapons”.
Those #s are horribly low, especially for a game that’s been out for more than 2 years.


Boo, I didn’t get a chance to vote.

I’ve advocated low-hanging fruit for a while

Bang out a few new blocks. Shouldn’t take more than a day to make and implement a few cube textures

Implement and release whatever they have with the ground basher and warp wraith. They both look almost ready to go. If collisions/clipping is the issue with the warp wraith (spawning in tunnels) that’s preventing implementation, just make it a normal mob

Large boss monsters identical to existing models but bigger with more hp

Implement and add whatever they had on ladders before

Cant believe Im the only one as of yet who really liked the led block + forge++ update. The again, thinking of all the complaints I remember about leds, I guess I get it. oooof

Oh god the LEDs haha

I can’t quite remember, was the placeable liquids part of exo planets, farming, or a forge update?

It was in the Farming update to help with field irrigation.

Well i picked just 1… 233.
Obviously theres some other update that i liked… Like the whole skill overhaul system In a way… Dont get me wrong… I like the skills etc but i liked EA s skill system better cause it was straightforward and more simple.

Liquids was important and big. Before that you could have dry fountains and waterless water features. It was depressing before liquids.

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