What is a good forge?

Hey all!

I’ve been busy getting the rough end of the RNG-stick with my forge; it’s a love-hate relationship… I thought we understood each other, and I can reliably get nice T6 AOE hammers and whatever else I need/want out of her.

Then today I decided to turn my head towards bows and Ooomph what a mess… I’d like to know from people who USE forged goods, what is your ideal combo on forged goods? Not asking for forging advice, simply what is a good forge for X:

This is what I feel so far, please fill in the blanks or suggest what you guys and girls prefer?

  • Hammers: AOE, Dmg, but then Dura vs speed vs drain?
  • Shovels: Same as above
  • Fists: I love my Dmg, crit%, crit Dmg permacrit fists, u?
  • Grapples: Reel speed… blank blank
  • Slingbows: Shotguns? dura? max dmg? idk…
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Hammers: aoe with dmg 8+, and dura
Shovels, Axes: aoe, dmg as much as possible, a little dura
Fists: all damage and range a little dura
Grapples: Reel Speed, Range as much as possible and dura
Slingbow: Damage, Range and dura

Yea I love dura lol.


On the grapples, with speed do you mean projectile speed, or reeling speed?

Reel speed

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I think virtualEclipse is bang on.i must admit I use fist with damage . Speed and loot…I get annoyed that a loot stick does nothing in a emergency sneak attack…lol

(I forge my own everything but I do occasionally buy forged items for various reasons, below is what I aim for when I forge for personal use)

For gathering tools I prefer speed. Dura was nice way back when I started the game and had to scrimp pennies but I’m way past that these days. I don’t decon if it pops with dura but it goes to the bottom of my forge shelves until I’m desperate enough to use them or forge more speed tools.

Reel in speed on grapples is king.

Slingbow, I like rapid fire high damage tools. Kinda like I like my gathering tools.

Fists- dmg/crit focus is key. Alpha shot is the only thing that matters for me.


My personal preference is
Bows: damage, heavyweight, multi shot
Hammers: damage, action speed, aoe
Shovels and axes: same as above
Grapples: distance, projectile speed, reel speed.

Edit forgot fists: distance, damage, crit damage.

:black_small_square: I always keep a hole-puncher/building hammer on me: no AOE, + dura, + speed or dmg
:black_small_square: and a 3x3 AOE + dura + dmg (low drain is nice, but the other specs are priority)

:black_small_square: Gathers need shovels with a little bit of dmg, but not a lot. I also prefer to not have AOE on this item. Speed is good. (I can’t use regular AOE shovels for gathering most of the time because they have too much dmg - they dig up the ground and destroy the plant before it’s collected)
:black_small_square: AOE + dura + speed (most things you’re going to use this on, you won’t need extra dmg for)

:black_small_square: AOE + dura + speed or dmg

:black_small_square: dmg + range + either attack speed (since they are slow) or CH or CE

:black_small_square: range + dura + glow

:black_small_square: yuck lol…multi-shot, dmg, + lightweight projectiles

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The thing is, It depends on the player how they play… (You probably recognize that)

I like bows for different reasons,

  • Shotguns Multi shot and Damage
  • Snipers Range and Damage. (easily pairs with durablity)
  • Machine guns Speed and Damage

Basic Collection tools for inventories of sand / soil / mud/ etc…
AOE and speed and durability.

I like chisels and hammers with no energy drain and durability.

I often ignore durability on most my forges due to increased difficulty and cost forging a targeted third boon. I accept going through more tools but i am also an end game player with no concerns about coin.

A good forge is a useful tool. I don’t think anybody should really get caught up in ranks of tools.

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Thanks! Very thorough reply :yum: Its indeed this variable need that made me ask this question; i use some tools differently than the meta would suggest, as I’m sure many others do too.

I also felt that forged items were kinda lacking the variability that i think the forge was meant for, and I’d like to specifically address that gap in the market by providing tools that are useful, if not necessarily usual.

I used to like reel speed on iron/gold grapples. Once you get enough range, projectile speed is more useful to me. It makes a huge difference in hitting a target while you’re moving.

Yeah i mainly mine so mistakenly made a bunch of range/reel/dura grapples. I’ll be switching out my dura for projectile speed next as I’ve often explored cavern floors at high speed when my oort falls faster than my rescue grapple can… well… grapple…

Man you’re coming back with a vengeance if you’re about to start forging :blush: nice!

I don’t buy much, but Golden Fist seems to have a nice handle on the market at the moment. I’d try to emulate them :blush:

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You havent heard about the BCON basements?!