What is a Titan, in YOUR minds eye?

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Hopefully to divert some of the current focus of the forum community…

What do you imagine the Titans will be like?

Im pretty hyped for Titans if you haven’t figured it out. Im not pressuring the Devs to roll it out any sooner than its ready tho. Im just excited and curious what the gameplay will be like when trying to battle, traverse, solve, and survive these giant creature constructs.

If somebody else could post a link to the Boundless Trailer that highlights Titans I would appreciate it…

I envision Titans to be the size of a Houchus mountain, with many spawn clouds, and often groups of clouds, that you have to defeat before you can move on and reach the top, or center, or end of the Titan. New creatures guard vital places that contain loot of Oort, ichor, lucents and many prestige plants. Along the way we can mine new mats like Titan flesh and maybe even compact oort.

I kinda hope theres some puzzle gates, and boss creatures that are best fought with lances and shields.

Along the way we meet NPCs of other races to give us clues as how to open the final loot chest.

Whatever they give us, im sure ill have fun with it!

Psa: i have absolutely no contact with the dev team, and all ideas mentioned above are hypothetical.

However, if a dev were to post an update to the mecchanics on how titans will work… i would greatly appreciate it, but the forums might break…


Trailer with titans:

Titans shown at the very end

Invisible final boss.




I envision titans as riding on a meteor as this silhouette says

Saw him on till.

Titans would ride meteorites and in some cases, crash down on the planet.


i think it be a mini planet that shoots enemys to nearby planets and you need stuff from those enemys to fly to the mothership planet
thats only way i see dev’s make it possible with what they have now
the stuff makes objects fly the size off 4plots and this object is what you need to fly to the mothership planet to destroy it for goodies
ow and aslong as you keep defeating titan planets you can fuel ya spaceship to fly with ya guild to exo worlds


Oh i like that idea! I had always figured Titans would be heavily reliant on exo worlds somehow. I figured an exo would have to spawn with a Titan as its means of introduction…

i think flying titans on a planet/Server will crash it
so to make it easy for dev’s make them a planet
and make the flying device we get smaller
planet to small for big titan from video anyway

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Can we just let this die? Boundless is not getting titans. The dev team BARELY keeps this game updated. The content updates are down to one every 3-4 months and right now they are 100% focused on private/rentable planets.

I get that it’s fun to speculate but people we shouldn’t mislead anyone into thinking that the features they still have on their main page that are not in the game are actually coming. They aren’t. This game is on life support.

I think titans will be on special exos. You and a group would have navigate up to the Titan while many portals release the highest ranked mobs to stop you. As seen in that video. Lightning is arking across the surface. Simply touching it is instant death. If you and your group are able to navigate to the top where there would be a portal to enter the Titan. From there it’s dungeon time. You must get to the Titan core and collect the precious Titan core, Titan skin and other rare resources. But within the Titan are the protectors. There sole purpose is stopping you and protecting the Titans core. If somehow you succeed in defeating the Titan. The core can be used to make mechanical builds in our home worlds. Machines to the likes that no Oortian has ever seen.


Some people have been waiting much longer than others and still prefer to maintain a sense of optimism about a game they love. To them, the speculation about the potential this game has is half the fun of playing it. Don’t be too discouraged. The game will be fine or it won’t but I’d try not to focus on the doomsaying when we really don’t know the plans the devs may or may not have or how hard they’re working (which might be it’s own legitimate source of frustration, lol).


You arrive on a 1024x1024 monolith of unknown depth. Large tumors dot the landscape–barnacles? Parasites? Hard to tell. But by destroying a tumor and its colony of defenders you and your comrades are able to quickly progress deeper into the thick skin of this monolith. Unfortunately some tumors do not go deep enough–you must find one that reaches the center of what you realize is actually a torus made entirely of mantle. The tumor flesh has interesting properties and you can take some home.

The center of the torus is hollow. A small world is inside akin to an O’Neill cylinder. This is one of the Titan worlds built by the dominant galactic race that came before, defended primarily by a single war machine, the Primary Sentry, capable of manufacturing swarms of disposable drones. The local flora and fauna is not friendly either, allowed to evolve in brutal isolation for eons. As you travel towards the power core of this world, the war machine harasses you and retreats strategically to repair itself. The sooner you can find your goal, the fewer times you will face this machine, which grows in strength as it reawakens its defenses. Take too long and this machine will easily overpower any of your efforts, even if you find the core.

When you reach the core, even the terrain becomes your enemy. Millenia ago, you wouldn’t have stood a chance. But these slumbering systems and worn down mechanisms leave enough room for error for you to respond when the terrain changes shape in dangerous ways. While fending off drones, the Primary Sentry, the ground, and the atmosphere, you reach and disable the power core.

This world will die, as all things must, completing its cycle. The advanced technology within the power core has been maintained with the highest priority, some of it is still usable and salvageable. The harvested war machine has interesting mechanisms as well. The world-scale core has an large amount of resources split between your equally large and diverse expedition to take away. This is a feat which can only be managed through epic cooperation, well worth the rewards.


I feel like you’re definitely wrong here. I feel this game isn’t dead on life support. Struggling a bit? Yet. But rental planets will help that a bunch. You think they’re gonna just scrap one of the biggest ideas they’ve had for this game and have promised since release? While simultaneously leading us through mud believing it’s still coming? If Titans aren’t coming I feel the devs would have confirmed its not happening. The fact they haven’t said otherwise means it’s still in the works but coming in the future once they have proper funding from rentals.

I feel like YOU’RE being misleading by trying to baselessly claim the Titans will never come. Until the devs tell us otherwise I’d assume Titans will be here eventually.


Well however Titans may be implemented, I just hope they don’t go around smashing builds…:nauseated_face:

Not trying to revert, buuut…
I expected it & had to look it up just to be sure; it’s nearly a full moon. :full_moon: Root cause for forum craziness today and it’ll only get worse, lol. My vote anyways. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gerentt. I’ve got 1200 hours in Boundless. I have played since release 70-something in early access. My 1200 hours is just since it went live. I have another 800 or so in EA.

Titans are not coming. They aren’t working on them. They scrapped it and can’t be bothered to update their website. This game is 100% on life support. They are throwing one last hail mary that rentable planets will bring an influx of cash and players and if that doesn’t work out, this game is going into pure maintenance mode or is getting rebuilt completely.

alright, both of you. im pretty sure this thread was to discuss what everyone thinks titans might bring, not fight on whether or not they are coming in the first place. now back to your regularly scheduled forum commenting


Your playtime is entirely irrelevant in this discussion. Other players who play just as much as you seem to still think Titans are coming. Unless you have direct word from the devs that they aren’t coming then saying your amount of playtime is just a random flex. Playtime doesn’t give you knowledge of upcoming features last I checked. I’m not trying to be rude I just think to say Titans aren’t coming because youve played since EA is an inflated argument. You have the exact same knowledge as we all have about upcoming features.

Again. Unless a dev specifically said otherwise I have no reason at all the believe that Titans aren’t happening. I feel like that’s high on their priority list after rentals. Otherwise what else would you assume the next big update would be after rentals?

@DJDancecraft I’m genuinely not trying to argue. Just simply giving my piece about why I feel it’s wrong to say Titans will never come and that we are all somehow misleading future players by talking about them. I felt that needed to be pushed back upon because saying they AREN’T coming is misleading to future players when we have 0 confirmation of it from the developers. I hate arguing, especially on a forum, but sometimes it’s justified in my opinion.

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i get that, just feel like you both proved your point and that everyone has the right to have their own opinion. i just hate to see it when it goes from a push to shove situation

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I’m genuinely not trying to argue he says.

Proceeds to argue.

Either way, speculate away. You will never see titans in Boundless. Boundless has no roadmap. They have a few ideas that are reasonably baked and are in-progress dev-wise and that’s it. You won’t see rentable planets until August in live and the next update after that won’t be until around Halloween and it won’t be anything remotely close to titans. You can take that to the bank.

Okay :ok_hand: I genuinely will butt out of here so it doesn’t get too off topic. Still think you’re speculating just as much as anyone else here.