What is an MMO

Since i see a lot of players complaining on a lot of stuff not realising this is an MMO as much as it is a SANDBOX game, i thought i should share here what is an MMO and how it works…

What MMO stands for?

A massively multiplayer online game ( MMOG , or more commonly, MMO ) is an online game with large numbers of players, typically from hundreds to thousands, on the same server. MMOs usually feature a huge,persistant open world , although some games differ. These games can be found for most network-capable platforms, including the personal computer, video game console, or[smartphones and other mobile devices.

MMOs can enable players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale, and sometimes to interact meaningfully with people around the world. They include a variety of gameplay types, representing many video game genres.

What are the main features of MMOs

Two most important things for a good MMO is the community and the economy of the game

The Community

The community is player base of the game. Its important part of the game since the developers need community responses and feedback to make the game better or fix anything if needed. Also all of the community members are important for the mutual in-game interaction, as well as the feedback/forum interaction as i said before.
To have a happy community its not to give everyone what they ask for but to collect the information and look at the aspects of the game where and how what community suggested can benefit the game and how it affects the main gameplay as well as other EVENTS in the game. Which all gets people to start playing and/or continue to.

The Economy

First i would like to explain what the economy of an MMO is and how it works:
just before i start id like to say there is too much information about it to be put here so ill write only the most important parts for us/ the players

So economy in MMOs is based on real-life economy where you have all the aspects of the economy that people use to make money, the only difference is that here you have virtual currencies (in our case coins) and you dont really lose/gain any real life benefits, so for people who do it in-game is mostly for fun.

So how it works:
As you all know first of all we need a demand on something (in this case i will be using Iron bars as example, and later i will explain why are some things much higher rarity than others and how it affects the game to have all items at disposal) so as i said lets say that we currently have 500 players in demand of Iron bars, every player of those 500 needs 1000 iron bars, so the demand of the market for the iron bars is 500 000 (500 * 1000) so to meet the demand, other players must have that much supply of Iron bars, so lets say there is another 500 players that each have 1000 iron bars and the 100% mark up (base price set on the rarity, amount of the item in the worlds and in the shops) so if the demand is equal to the supply the mark up will be at 100% (5c each currently) if the supply goes up by a large amount the mark up goes down since everyone is competing to sell it so it goes down a little (on this price 5c u cant really feel the difference for 5% mark up but u can catch some ppl selling it for 4c each since they have a bit bigger supply of it)
other way around if supply goes much below demand the price goes up so the mark up goes to 110% (just an example)

Now that you know how the basic stuff work, lets get to some more rare items, lets say some marble that is an exo color (Night fushia from Yuga lets say) so if this item is really rare as it is now, it wont be on 100% price of the usual (perm planet color) marble, marble is currently at 25c lets say, the exo one will be 45c, so people who actually go for it, get payed better for their effort, since not all people will have all of those blocks since its not available to get for some time, so if you get an exo of the same color again those people can restock at some time difference so it keeps not so big but decent supply on the market.
Now we all know all of this, but what about some other items that are really really rare like black gleam lets say, it got sold for 1500c each some people put shop stands for 2000-5000c each

and lots of people bought it, and its making a lot of people interact, work on the economy of the game

now if few weeks later they make an exo full of black gleam, what do you think, how will people who wasted tons of hours on getting that gleam just to find it in abundance next week feel? would you like to be literally (sorry for this) but pissed on… they would feel like a child who you give the lolipop and first time they lick it you just take it and throw it on the ground, now they have to look at it crushed and smelly and ugly and unusable… and also it would kill the economy totally, i would need hours to explain how and why… since i would need a lot of tehnical terms that i dont know on english (not native :stuck_out_tongue:)

it works all the same for every different color… it wouldnt be fun getting any of those if we could just wait for an exo make few trips and have 500k of it in 3 days…

And believe me i saw it happen how ppl get 40k of one color gleam in less than 20min… so what do you think it would happen to the market? why wouldnt we then set all block to 1c each since you can get them whenever you want to… i know people here dont like to “work” for it, but you need to put a lot of effort to get some really good stuff like in every MMO, what do you think, best gear in WoW comes falling of the sky whenever someone asks for? ye it does. HAH NOPE
I dont get how people cant just turn on their brain and google MMO and read it…

Here i still didnt explain how an item that needs more resources works on the market and all, but you should know those basic stuff… its all logical and simple… but everyone just thinks that SANDBOX part of the game gives it a everything to everyone perspective…

This now is just my opinion

But i dont think everyone should be able to have everything, people should get rewarded for putting themselves out there and doing something for it… i know maybe you cant play all day and things like that bla bla bla yada yada yada… its a grindy game and every MMO is like that so deal with it… personaly i would leave the game and stop playing forever if they exclude the MMO part… thats what got me here… not a creative mode some ppl were talkin about… you are asking for a single player creative in an MMO??? for real? they have enough stuff going on with the servers and the game itself, they dont need to work on another whole new part of the game that can almost count as a whole new game…

I dont know what more to say that will make you (im generalizing) realise that is an MMO SANDBOX, not an MMO or a SANDBOX but both together and for those to work together there should be some parts of each one excluded…

Anyway i will gladly answer every question anyone has, thanks for reading and for understanding…


The thing you explain after this is the same thing I keep repeating every time someone suggest to remove oort or make a permanent planet made of oort.

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Exactly, you just cant do something like that…

Because the following is much much easier for them


Good coherent write up, and a good read to boot! (Also non native english here) I don’t neceserally agree with all i’ve read but i do agree, where the heart of the post is. To weigh in on how i feel/think about it is this. Supply and demand will be ever changing, rare things will sometimes be cheap and sometimes not. It’s part of the thrill in anticipating, or for the better marketeers in us, creating that supply/demand. Now more or less the same can be said for reward and effort. Things that require a great amount of effort (fill this in as what is alot of effort for you) will positively effect the feeling of reward you get from achieving it. And that will always be different for everyone. Wich in turn also effects the market. What may be effortless for some may be alot for others. And the same goes for price. It’s only constant is change and it’s one of the many things i like about this game.

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Very interesting read! :slight_smile: Boundless is quite innovative in some of what they’re doing, trying things that I’ve never seen done before - I suspect this is part of why we’re not getting a firm roadmap, when treading new ground, you may often find yourself having to change the path, as you’re finding the pitfalls nobody has yet encountered. But also the treasures none have yet seen. :wink: Great risk, but also great reward - in both biology and business, being best isn’t often as critical as being FIRST in particular niche. So things will be tweaked, they’ll be changes that some love, some hate - all of us, devs and players, working together in it though, as it continues to evolve.

Seeing what I’ve seen, I personally would prioritize improvements to aspects related more to the MMO side than Sandbox side. Boundless is already a great sandbox, a beautiful game with endless things to do. But what I see really hooks people often, especially when newer and perhaps experiencing bumps with the learning curve, is the community. Over and over again seen how when they get help and feel welcomed, they fall in love. So anything that helps improve the community experience, that is what I’d put at the forefront - chat in particular, but also a focus on anything that can bring the community together. People having a lot of fun with friends will overlook a lot else they might not be crazy about, is my take.


I agree. And some take a game way to seriously. As he has stated (no real life effect). Like people hassling me to whom I can open up portals too because they are salty. Like get over yourself! This is a MMO. I like the grind. I love the community. Peace. Rant over. :joy:

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Nice Slippery Slope Fallacy here. No, I disagree with this bit of your write-up. It won’t kill the entire economy totally like you said if, such a thing does happen and a specific color (Whiners about their “prestige colors” … grumble grumble) would become more readily available. … The economy would just adapt to the new availability.


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