What is CHISELLING?! (New Video) 2 Minute Tips | Ovis Gaming

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Hello Builders, Hunters, Shop Owners, Explorers, Standing Around Doing Emotes’ers! Hope your week is going well :smiley:

I have made a video that covers Chiselling and everything I know about it. Kinda ran over the “2 Minute” time slot, but there is a lot to cover!

The aim with this video (and all my 2 Minute Tips videos) is to get straight to point, explain it to the best of my ability, and leave you to get on with your day :+1: So I hope you enjoy!

Credit to Pseudonym for builing that beauty you see in the thumbnail :wink:


over 2 minutes?!
b…b…but my attention span! :worried:


I use silver precise chisel for landscaping soil to replicate the boundless natural landscape (in EA I replicated a whole grassy hillside in wood, using the slope chisels to perfectly replicate what was there before.
That particular shape you puzzled over is also one that I have found no use for, apart from patterns in side of structure…hopefully someone will show a good example of how to use it.


Hahaha oh no! :smiley:


That shape is very useful if you use it on ice - specifically diagonal parts of slides that travel horizontally :wink:
Granted you’d rarely use more than 1 of them in a row but they make nice alignment blocks for slides and drops.

Nice quick “less than 6 min” video for chisel crash course!


Great little video for newcomers, @Ovis.


@catfud - Ahh I see, thats a good use for it! Yeh i hope so to lol :smiley:

@Prome3us - Oooh i never thought of that! Cheers mate, I’m glad my 'crash-course’ness came across in the video, I could easiliy do a thirty minute video on chiselling, but I personally wouldn’t want to watch that :joy:

@Pseudonym84 - Thanks Pseudo, I appreciate that :+1:

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@catfud that shape is the one you would use when two single block tall “platforms” with copper-slope sides touch only at the corner… if that makes sense.

Think of a + sign, where the north and west legs are the sloped sides of platform 1; the south and east legs are the sloped sides of platform 2. That particular shape will be in the center, giving a smooth corner to both platforms.

Other than that - probably just art and double rows of teeth on a shark skull build.


Love the quick vids @Ovis! Awsome as always


Like always excellent vid @Ovis

and yes the slopes I use for landscaping purposes mainly

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@Brea - Thanks Brea, appreciate it :smiley:

@Mittekemuis - Thank you very much! Yeh that’s mainly what I can think of, look forward to finding out hwat else they are great for :smiley:

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