What is Spark?! - 2 Minute Tips

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Hey Boundlessians!

Hope you’re getting through your friday and ready for the weekend (I am!), I have put together a 2 Minute Tips video on Spark Generators, it came to my attentnion that some people didn’t know a few important things about Spark Generators so, I thought I’d make a video :smiley:

Credit to @Arkhainn for making the spreadsheet about the spark reduction in relation to power!


make a tip on how to keep them from being broke every time I walk to base >.>

We prefer to be called Oortians, thanks.

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Stack them together and spread your fuel out among them all. Done :wink:

Edit: You don’t even have to spread your fuel out (covered it in the video, stacking them together combines their durability)


lol then I would need to repair even more machines, I have like 20k compact coal still in que… spark is useless late game.

You just have to repair one of them and it repairs them all (they act like one big machine), so if you really wanted you could put a weight on your mouse and afk for however long it takes? But I don’t think i’tll take that long tbh


Didn’t know that! thanks

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I had no idea about the stacking thing either. Just in time too before I rebuild my (cramped) workshop. Nice one, Ovis. Thanks!


20 clicks with unforged titanium spanner, or 182 clicks with unforged iron spanner, to fully repair an array of 16 spark generators that is completely broken.

Less if you take the spanner-related skills but who does that? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, no problem C0N! :smiley:

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You’re like Boundless Google! Love it :laughing:

I just happen to have memorized the repair value for the spanners (6000 and 700 respectively) and the condition value for the spark generator arrays (128000 for 16, or 8000 per individual generator).

Took like 5 seconds to pull up a calculator and figure it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I rounded down.)

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Oh… well then maybe the Yahoo of Boundless :smirk: