What is the 'best' slingbow forge?

I’m gonna try experimenting with forging some slingbows, but not quite sure what boons to aim for?

I usually just go for damage, range and speed.

Anyone have a particular set up that they like, ill try a few out and see what I like.



I prefer Max Damage, Multi Projectile (lvl 4-5) and Crit. Though I usually hunted T6.

If T4 or below then dmg, durability and random.

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Do you find any particular bow is better for that set up, or just make sure you have the correct bow for the planet?

If you forge them yourself, have you tried it on lucients?

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Correct bow for the planet. I always used diamond bows cause always went to Shedu or Flan. Though I’m sure it would be great on any bow because it’s produces massive damage (even more with dmg augment 3).

Never forge lucents. Prefer gem myself.


EZPZ Rift Slingbows… 22k a piece but worth it!


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Do you mean critically lucky or hard hitter?

I like damage and multi projectile.

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It’s been awhile but I believe hard hitter. I know its one of the crit effects. Haven’t forged bows in a bit.

Cool, that makes sense as its the other effect boon, along side devastating damage.

Trying to hit 3 multi boon gums would have been gross…

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Just checked it’s Critical Effect

Ugh, ok…

Oh, wait, do you mean critically lucky, or the crit boon from the effect gum…?

Either one would probably be good honestly. You could even do a random for third. The main damage comes from max damage and max projectiles with mega strength brew and damage augments 3.

The damage output will stop everything basically. Speed would probably be fun.

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I do damage crit effect both from Same gum and third is multi Speed or range.

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As I tend to keep my hunting to T3 and 4 worlds, I go for damage, speed, and durability.


I like ruby bows usually. Damage, multishot, and fast projectile.

I can see why.

I’ve been at this for a little while and have yet to hit multi and damage together…

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RNGjesus dislikes your forge. Smash it up and sacrifice it to him via a minter and luck shall shine upon you…briefly


You must be my lucky charm.

Finally managed one just after your post!


Hehe. I appeased the forging gods


This is personal preference IMO, this isn’t a ‘competitive’ game where everyone is forced to min/max builds and whatnot. But to answer your question, I’ll write a few slingbow forges I’ve seen people use.

  • Shotguns

Damage, action speed and multishot - my personal favorite for T5+ worlds, does massive damage up close and does it FAST. Downside is due to multishot it can be hard to punch through armor buffed elite cuttles.

Damage, crit effect and multishot - people use this for higher damage chances, tho personally I find it kinda meh due to how crit chances and crit pies work… still a nice bow setup tho.

Damage, heavy projectile and multishot - kinda rare to see, but one of those ‘max damage shotguns’. very low range tho, so a ‘true’ shotgun in a way.

Damage, light projectile or range and multishot - for those that want to have an easier time killing cuttles, but still want the damage of a shotgun.

  • Single-shots

well, pretty much any mix of damage, light projectile, fast projectile, crit chance, crit effect and dura, there’s so many variants people use for these. Some mix in weak/bleed buff for debuffing purposes, some even make bows with light projectile, fast projectile and dura/speed for roadrunner hunting. Kinda niche bows, but some still do use them.