What is the ff rule with multiple beacons?

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So I have a not that common setup for my shop. My shop is comprised of 12 beacons, and each beacon is selling something specific. Like for ex, I have 6 forgin beacons, T1, T2, T6 Dura, T6 Spd, T6 Food brew.

I’ve done it like this so that ppl can see what I actually sell at the shop, not just the tool (with no forge info).

Since I have it oppened, I saw some strange behaviour on the beacons. One is that I find ff only on 4 beacons (from the entrances). I presumed that this is because your beacon needs to be near a diffrent beacon, not your own. All good, no complains. But today, I looked through my beacons to see how my ff is doing, and surprise, 3 more beacons had ff, not much (300,400) compared to the main beacons (5000*4 if you were wandering, in 4 weeks). Is there something I am missing? I presume that you only get ff from one beacon in a group, and you get it from the one a person is spending the most time. Is that the case?

Another strage thing is that I don’t see the tools from all my beacons. If I have a diamond hammer on T6 Speed and One on T6 Dura, I would see only one in the list.


Are these bugs? Or intended?

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You only get FF on the first beacon a person steps into in the same town/city/etc per character. So if they are all owned by the same character only certain ones would be able to even receive FF

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Are the beacons all owned by the same character?
If so, only the first beacon a person steps on is getting ff not the other ones.

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Also, you need ay least 10k (I believe) prestige on each beacon for it to provide ff. Good to be aware of this in case you put them on separate alts.


Ok, makes sense, I was thinking that was happening. And I presume the ones in the middle are just lag or somebody did a long jump :slight_smile:

But what abbount the the hammers not showing up? I am also thinking that it might be a limit, you see only the top 20 cheapest ones?

Neah… To much hustle. My main is enough. It’s not like it would make a huge difference in income.

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Yea only the 20 cheapest would be the reason on the price list.

And if some plots in the back of your store happen to get some ff it’s probably people walking on the top that came from that side or someone that warped in. But like I said before only the first plot a person steps into IL receive FF since it’s all on one character. I’d also check the compactness too since doing multiple beacons with the same character that small/close can be bad iirc.

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If you have stands with diamond hammers for 1200c and stands with forged diamond hammers for 7500c, only the 1200c ones will show up - bc the output doesn’t differentiate between forged and unforged. It always shows the lowest priced items over anything else.


They are on different beacons tho. So that wouldnt really apply Would it. When I used to sell gleam chest on 4 beacons and all four would show up on the list even tho they were all priced the same. Tho… I did use separate characters so maybe that was why. But it I would think it would only take separate beacons.


pretty sure it combines data on adjoining beacons from same toon, while beacons for each alternate toon are kept separete

I hate to go digging through old release threads as they’re often hundreds of posts long.

However I think this was discussed, making a bunch of separate beacons to flood the shop scanner with your merchandise at price increments. The discussion at the time primarily focused on this as a tactic for keeping other people off of the scanner, and was pretty much seen as an exploit, or at least undesirable behavior.

I have (had? haven’t checked lately …) some items that are unable to show on the scanner due to being more expensive than the cheapest 20 sellers on Gyosha Ophin, specifically rocks at 5c. I see from the pics in the OP that hammers over 8k aren’t going to show on the scanner due to the number of vendors selling them on that planet.

If what @Wul is saying is correct it makes sense why the other beacons don’t show right now, assuming those tools are at the same or similar prices. But if @cuzzea were to replot with alts this would essentially cause his single shop to take up multiple slots in the already overfull list.

AFAIK the API only provides data that’s in the list so this would also remove those other vendors from BUTT, and any other third party tools that were to come along.

At a glance it looks like a solid workaround for the issue of visibility but I’m not sure that this is overall a good way to get this done.

Nope, it dose not do this for my titanium shovels, I have them in 2 separate categories.

True, but this is only the case for same beacon, as it dose with my spd hammers for example, I am selling 3 types and it only shows the cheapest one.

This is awfull in this case :slight_smile:. I’ll move my strategy on my home planet, as there aren’t any sellers there.

Yah, I would see how this would be an issue.

True, I feel kind of bad if I pushed ppl of the list, but… yah, need to think about this a bit, on how to not interfere to much.

Sorry don’t know if someone already has pointed it out but Dura is 9000C and falls in this case out of the list (20 cheapest).

Thats why it isn’t in the list. Believe 20 is the max.

[to add] its already pointed out :wink:.

Have had that with buying oort for the hub. Hub North, Hub South and East/West for donating. All 4 were in the buy list.

As for FF its basically the first beacon that gets entered (of the set) that generates FF. Unless it doesn’t hit 10k (I believe).
So if its possible to go over/under/sides and avoid 1 beacon to get to an other its possible to generate FF.


Colored blocks your beacon plots.
Black road or other shop.
You can skip plots from the sides in this unless you have a 3 wide and one main plot border around.

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