What is the grind that gets put into your build/project? (directly/indirectly)

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Ill try to finish it during the year, if deluxe uograde came for ps4 i would get alot more plots to work with, its my main problem.

The cubit grind for plots :+1::joy::man_shrugging:t3:


Glass, lots and lots of glass. I believe our current “dome” is 40k glass so far.


My grind is to make mining easier and systematic if possible. That’s the big one, but I do just enough of everything else to keep the wind under my sails. My hobby grind is collecting whole plants while exploring a new planet.


Where is your build?


It is located on Gyosha. the portal is at the The Hive. located on top row below the robot. Sign will read Down by the Shore with Pauly. In case you would like to come and see. Though i could have miscounted the glass it is between 20k-40k. You will see haha


In a perfect world i would build with no grinding needed. Ofc storage etc but my goal is usually use stuff thats alrdy there… like big fat trees makes awesome space addition without having mats. Just cut inside off and thats rdy. Little cliffs. Etc etc. So my grind is pretty minimal i havent ever been so keen to prestige .


This is probably one of my favorite ways to build.

One of my builds had a small pond inside the house because of that.