What is the grind that gets put into your build/project? (directly/indirectly)

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3 Diamond Hammers and 45-ish minutes of mining… :crazy_face:

Let’s me work on details on my build such as these:

So, tell us, what’s your grind? :smiley:


I like marble so much, my grind is pretty much fossils. However, I usually mining ore or gems with fossil as an after product. I wonder if there’s a planet where you can mine specifically for fossil easily.


Buying an area hammer and mining anything metal until I run out of Coin, then refine. Starting to look into Brick making, so the grind will differ. Another part of the build grind is running between 1000 safes in confusion trying to swap items


lots and lots of brick.

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The brick factory for making our new build:

And our new build (WIP):


Currently, it’s actually shadow orbs o.o and gems. I get so bored collecting gems sometimes that I end up just doing something else so I can buy them lol.

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Silver Ore. I need all the silver ore the game has to offer. It gets turned into alloy, compacted and refined. And, Cold Berry sedimentary rock for my bricks. Yep, the grind is real to make R3DF1RE into what I want it to be and the end is still nowhere in sight, even though I’ve made a lot of progress so far. The 8 towers are only half way to completion and I’ve many more plans for expansion.

I’m actually surprised I’ve made it this far as a solo player considering I’m doing all this while also trying to keep the shop stands stocked with the popular items which is yet another grind. Inky leaves, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy beans all seem to be selling like hot cakes right now and keep me extremely busy. As for having a life outside of the game? Well, I’ve kind forgotten what that is lol.

R3DF1RE progress so far… (Posted these already on the screenshots thread but, meh :wink: )


Yeah, but this does look amazing.


Thank you, Corveritas! :blush:

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Mining and foraging to get basic things to sell to buy other stuff, though I’m becoming a little more self-sufficient on a few things. Thing is though, I actually love the mindless grind of resource collection - I find it very relaxing to put on some music, zone out, and collect. :slight_smile:

@C0ND1T10NR3D - That really is amazing, just love it!! Incredibly impressive you’re doing all of that solo. :sunglasses:


Alnitans! I have a saphire mine. Its accessble through my portal system! Found on antar vi. «Tomirs Endgame» third floor lamblis portal seekers shop hub!

I get an amazing amount while mining there, you get saphires too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Norkyna has max fossils.

Honestly though I usually mine them on a topaz/sapphire planet as well if I don’t have enough on hand. This is due to the larger fossils preferring higher altitudes - where metals and especially gems can be more scarce.

Houchus I is where I go to maximize ROI mining at higher altitudes but there are similar choices.

This spreadsheet created by @Mayumichi is a big help with these choices.


Your grinds are weak! Mine is soulcrushing.

Wish i had friends to help me :man_shrugging:t3::joy:

I’m not sure what is going on but I love the blue.

Where’s it at? Maybe I need to see it in person.

The last exo was truly awesome. Around 20% fossils. Got around 1200 large/med fossils per inv or rock

I run a marble shop and can never get enough. Norkya and galan arent bad either, galan being my fav as the topaz rate is great too

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Its ice. Sooo much ice. Its at antar vi.

Third floor lamblis portal seeker shop hub

«Tomirs Endgame»

Defanitly Marble. The person buying up all the essence everywhere? yup thats me lol


Definitely feeling the fossil grind for my hundreds of marble blocks for my current project lol

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Ups and downs of a marble shop…

Ups, decent profit and stands of one usually get taken in a single hit.

Downs, the endless restocking and hoping you can find essence,shadow orbs, glue or even super bond. When you can sell 6000 marble to one customer its almost impossible to restock without buying either essence or bond. It deffo sells faster than you can make it!

I shall seek it out.

I’ll bring a jacket and some hot cocoa.