What is the max would you pay per unit for brick?


What are you crafting?

Not in game at the moment but I used to do refined rock and I am pretty sure it has no spark cost associated to it.

I used to sell my refined at 13c and 22c for decorative and there was profit in there. Bear in mind that folk buy these rocks in bulk so even if it worked out at a small profit, you would make that small profut thousands of times per customer.

It was quite common that someone would spend 10k coins each purchase for refined.

I had same price on the wood as well.

Not questioning your pricing, just offering my working out when I did it in case it’s of any use :smiley:

Edit : decorative has a 200 spark cost plus the wax - I costed spark at 0.01 c as when you work out the spark output on soft coal / cost it’s almost nothing to be honest.


Making bricks is time consuming. If you dont value your time you sell for 15. If you dont value someone else’s time you don’t want to pay more than that.

So, if one gathers everything needed to make bricks 20+ is a fair price.


I’d just like to add if you have a “go to” spot for ash/mud/clay on a T1 world and a 3x3 shovel + speed brew it is very easy to quickly fill your inventory to craft many many bricks.

Also, spark costs are reduced depending on how many power coils you have.

So depending on your setup, bricks can be made and sold cheaply.

Edit: Then you can also take into account all the sulphur/earthyams/grass seed you also get while gathering brick ingredients and the coin you can make with those ingredients.


if you dont mind using forged gem tools worth like 15k or more to do this then thats fine.
finding a lower tier tool that is forged is hard, there is no market for them.
and silver/gold is not worth it.

if you manage to get a titan Tool 3x3 than the price is around 6k for then
so you could calculate that cost, plus the cost for brew and then the time factor stil cost time to colect the stuff.

if you sell your bricks for 10 let me know where, i come and buy them all and resell them for 18 =)


It is all situational based.

I can forge a few silver 3x3 shovels and go to town collecting ingredients for bricks.

I was sell for 15c each but I don’t advertise my shop location so I don’t have a problem maintaining a stock.


You would do better selling the raw mats


The smaller blocks aren’t my concern. My cost to pull basic blocks out of the ground are about 18K coin per 20k blocks.

The real issue I’m coming up against is that it seems like its at least 20-30% more profitable to sell the raw ingredients then its finished product.

I think I am going to aim for the upper teir of market, probably 18-22c range, and just aim to keep most of my inventory in stock. I’ll try to cater to customers who prefer just going to a place a knowing that what they want will be there.

By the poll results it looks like there is a good market there. I don’t want to be the slave labor moving 10’s of thousands of brick a day. It’s enough for me to just provide the service if people want a couple hundred here and there.


If you look at it like that then you can use this way for just about everything and they can remove shop stands altogether!

You don’t have to use gem tools for this, especially not on T1 worlds. I use forged titanium shovels with a Mega Fast brew and even on a T6 world this goes mighty fast with the mud shoveling!


yes i know, but for me as “non forging” person i need to rely on sellers of such tools, and there are none really :frowning:


I have tons of refined at 1c im undable to move…


I managed to sell thousands of the crappy green blocks refined at 13c on Lamblis where I dug them up :slight_smile:




Spark costs roughly .077c/ea if you’re paying 15c per soft coal (or 115.6c per compacted soft coal) assuming you’re using it in compacted format.

So if your recipe requires 225 spark to craft that’s 17.325c per crafting divided by the number of items you obtain from the craft. You have to factor in heat costs for turning the mixture into brick as well but ultimately it sounds like it fits your desired price points and still make a profit. Be sure to factor in the mixtures produce 4 bricks each as well