What is the max would you pay per unit for brick?


Assume you walked into a store and it had at least 10k every color.

  • 12-17c
  • 18-23c
  • 24-30c
  • I make my own, but I wanted to vote anyway.

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I feel like 15c would be a good round price, because none of the ingredients are particularly hard to find, and the higher your level the easier it could be to craft larger quantities of brick. Considering the forged shovels and hammers, and the fact that unless you’re looking for a color that can only be found on higher tier worlds, all of the ingredients are easy to gather. That’s my two cents anyway.


I’m trying to figure it out. Hard because it’s very expensive on the spark side of things. Best I can tell it costs like 225 spark per unit which is what 3 soft coal? 2 If you compress it.

If soft coal is 7c each, wouldn’t that be 14c alone for the spark?


I feel there is a giant gap between what I would pay and what is fair.


I don’t think soft coal should be more than 3c a piece, personally. It’s one of the most common resources in the 'verse right up there with copper and iron. I’m no shopkeeper, but my stuff is always on the cheap end when I do sell stuff. Even considering the spark cost it shouldn’t be much more than 10c a piece for brick. I make my own brick and always mass craft. I don’t know the exact cost of the materials off the top of my head though. Stone is cheap and mud, ash, and clay are also very cheap. Spark cost shouldn’t have a huge impact on cost especially if you have power on your mixer.


If I only needed a few pieces for something very specific, I’d be willing to pay up to 50c each. For new builds, or larger quantities, my max is 15-18c. I haven’t been able to find brick for sale for less than 15c on any planet.I hate making brick lol.


20 max I think.


I dont think to many people calculate spark costs into their product. It becomes less of an issue if you are making expensive product already. But for simple crafts like stones and woods. Spark plays a major role in the costs of the end product


I charge 15c per brick in my shop personally. I feel this is fair for the amount of time/effort put into crafting it.


I buy my fuel (compact hard coal) for under 700c each (15,000 spark). This comes out to about 10.5c per unit ish.


The 12-17c voters never made brick themselves I gather! :slight_smile:


The would max pay I 5C, more no, tight me is are :thinking:


We did the math in another thread, for calculating prices to sell stuff at, it came to 0.05c per spark, when using Compact Peat as a guide(Cheap easily avail). So 14c is pretty on-point for just spark alone

What is the total breakdown of raw materials to make 1 brick?


4 bricks = 1 brick mix + 200 heat
brick mix = 6 stone + 1 compact clay + 4 ash + 4 mud + 200 spark
compact clay = 10 clay + 51 spark


If coin is that tight you just gotta make it yourself!


I Make them myself, not really hard to make. More of an annoyance to find a good clay, mud and ash spot for 3x3 shovel.


in my calculation 18c is the cheapest i can go. i was cheaper on them when it was possible to get ash/mud for 2c and clay for 1c but since the prices where going up 18c is the price i have them now on my shop, since i get 17 per brick on sells.

i could sell them cheaper while having bit profit but the coin/hour rate would be very low then.
i still now can get alot more money just with getting shimmer orbs and diamonds to sell them in the same time even now.

i allready reserved some land areas with good ash and mud spots for 3x3 to protect them from being claimed, im sorry for the settlement next to it, they cant grow there, but maybe it was not the best idea of them to settle down right into the best ash place on the whole oortverse.


18 would be the cost of them I’d agree. The diversity of mats needed is why i voted that they should go around 22-25 each. This I think is sustainable, because even at 18, or at 15 or 12 as some suggest, is be willing and able to buy all your bricks with coin made from harvesting soil faster than you could restock - it’s a great price and it’ll sell, but it wont be sustainable and you’ll be gathering so much you’d forget there was anything else to this game (would make it feel like work to keep prices that low)

That said, respect to ppl who are willing and able to keep stock at <20c each


Ive sold alot of decorative and bricks for 5-15 anymore then that and they dont sell…


Or they do make it themselves and if you want them to buy it versus make it there needs to be a reason for them to do so. If I can buy the materials and make it for the same price as the seller, then why buy it from the seller? If I make it, I get the xp and it did not cost me more. If it is cheaper to get it from the seller versus buying the materials and making it myself, then it might be worth it. Or if the materials were particularly hard to gather then it might also be worth buying.