What is your biggest desire for the future of Boundless?

Make gums for every Boom you can Forge .

I want damage then i ll Take a damage gum
I want Cruz i ll Take crit gum
I want Dura then i ll Take a Dura gum …
And nothing ealse Pops Up after using this Special gum i took.

So there would n t be a waste of Material s and forging would be great for everyone .

Just a Suggestion


Backpack or portable storage of some kind.

Maybe a homing warp that only transports loot back to your beacon for long Exo, no-campfire farm/hunts?


Server maintenance maybe the game would be lag free and the loading time goes away when you run and the World isn’t loading.

Rework the forge. No rng just forge the stuff on it you need. It will be more waste of time and materials with new weapons and shields.

Improve the harvesting. Aoe seeding etc.
More XP

More XP for crafting and building as you need more XP to level up with the new update.

Rework crafting less materials needed for masscrafting. For some stuff you need to much materials and that’s hard when you just wanna build.

New enemies during hunts, titans, bossfights

More communication and support would be nice we want to be up to date cause waiting sucks and some time you run out of patience

  1. Smaller updates more frequently.

  2. Monthly Dev livestream where they discuss the upcoming roadmap of updates and highlight community events and content creators.


What @OnlyOneShinobi said but, generally, just update the f@#!ing game and tell us what’s coming.

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There are 4 things I wish for right now:

  1. An easier life for crafting stuff.
    Filling multiple machines is such a pain. Clicking the same button 30 times. Urghs.
    Just allow us to fill up the whole queue as much as possible with less clicks. (every craft kind (single/bulk/mass) with a “single” and “all” button)

  2. Ladders

  3. A simple mechanic feature like Minecraft’s pistons, wiring and levers. I don’t expect or wish for too much and it doesn’t need to enable us automation or clocks. I just want to be able to trigger stuff from different locations and/or hide passageways.

  4. Forging without being RNG. I love being able to forge in general but the way how the RNG works is super annoying and turns off many players from using that feature at all.


I’m intrigued because this idea as a thread pops up every now and then, and I’m just now realizing my answer now is very different than it was years ago.

The game has changed and evolved so much! I used to look forward to things like chiseled blocks, a wider array of colors, farming, etc. So many things that I have waited for have come. Its actually pretty cool to look back on.

As an early access player one thing that has always been in the back of my mind has been Titans. And I’ve never asked for them personally because I’ve always been waiting on things that I feel are more basic, like chiseled blocks. But now I am actually finding myself feeling like not just I, but the game, is ready for more end-game type content.

I know there are lot of other things other people may consider “basic” like furniture and I get that. No argument here. I’m just starting to feel like there is enough in this universe to justify more of an end-game.

Especially after this next update with shields and swords, I think I’m going to really, finally going to be itching to fight a big bad boss. Bring on the Titans.

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consistent updates


On a similar theme, it would be good if you could toggle a ‘currently busy’ display which pinged a message to the world chat letting the person know you don’t want to be disturbed if they get close enough and don’t want to go and look at their build or give them a tour of your base at the moment.

I don’t mind a wee chat, but some people have no concept of social boundaries and when you say that you’re busy it’s not a joke. Yes, I’m sure their build is amazing, but I’m currently trying to chisel a complicated shape while hanging from the roof by a grapple!


In the same vein of the “busy” status, I’d love an overhead icon whenever I’m typing, like a speech bubble with “…” inside it, animating dots.
Mainly because I otherwise wouldn’t be able to tell if someone is typing, or if they’ve gone AFK.


I would love to more life in the game like:

  • More mobs / creatures in water and on land. (Fish and Birds, maybe other wild life that dont aggro at all)

  • Fishing would also be awesome to have

  • Dungeons that spawn like meteors would also be awesome / or maybe a dungeon you can spawn, open a portal to after completing set amount of metroes

  • NPC’s that can assign quests :heart:


I Need Rocks

We know this guy’s answer^^


Every thing they showed us to start with…
Not a demand but lets face it where is that moving floating thingy, those Titans, that nasty hunter. CLEAN PANTS washing my diaper for more then 2years now even the flowers just die from that smell. Washing just doesn’t help anymore :joy::rofl::joy:

(Just learned the floating thingy is a titan… Not a huge walking Oortian or so :joy::rofl::joy:)


getting interactive props(keycards/puzzle elements/controllers for trap doors/dungeon building/anything) to make city’s interesting and fun even when the residents/builders are offline


for the future of boundless i would like to see the things in the game we were promised back in EA like Titans Hunters Stone Throwers Fishing and various other things.
i know a lot of people that have given up due to the lack of game content (events not inclueded)


Imagine buugi and the boys boys boys beer fishing allday.


Count me in. Fishing in video games is what I live for.


you can fish for the plan lol

I had a pretty cool idea for fishing. In addition to fish spawning all over the place in unbeaconed water, we should be able to find and gather fish eggs in shallow water spaces and essentially “plant” them in beaconed water. Then they’ll have a timer like crops and suddenly 4 or so fish spawn in a 5x5ish area. Then the surrounding area will determine what kind of fish they are, kind of like the seed/crop ratio.

Imagine the vibrant Gleamfish. The ugly yet meaty Mud Flounder. The scary, thorny Piranha. Then the dangerous Blink Eel that can damage you like lava or a power coil if you walk through its space.

Edit: Also, sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads