What kind of competition would you like to see next?

Hey guys! Been a good while since we had a good competition. I’ve been collecting good prizes for the next one, but it’s been a while. What do you folks still like seeing in competitions?

  • Dodge Bombs!
  • Grapple Racing!
  • Meteor League! (for all you veterans out there)
  • Build Competition!
  • Other: pls state below
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For those who may be unaware of what some (or all) of these events are, here’s some drop down menus explaining each one.

Dodge Bombs

Each player has bombs, and 8 blocks below there is lava. Last player or team standing wins!
For a more in-depth glimpse at dodge bombs, refer to this video I made a while ago.

Grapple Racing

A simple grapple race that tests how fast people can get from point A to point B. If this option wins, it will most likely be hosted on my sovereign world Hectic where I have 2 grapple courses that are about 3000 meters in length each. Multiple checkpoints with mandatory location tokens will be set up to ensure that you don’t take any major shortcuts during the race. The fastest player wins!

Meteor League

Groups of 2 or 4 people (depending on how many we get) are given 1 hour to go to a planet of their choice and finish as many meteors as they can within the hour. The team with the most meteors finished wins! To make this work, at least one member of each team must be recording or streaming (unless the group splits up, in which case everyone must record or stream to make sure that the count is done properly.)

Build Competition

Pretty self explanatory. Everyone who enters is given a category/theme and assigned a space to build. Me and several judges decide which builds are prize-worthy! You are responsible for coming up with the materials and tools to create your build, and you can feel free to take it down if you want after the judges decide who the winners are.


@DutchOfSorissi has a few ideas on mini games that can become competition :cookie: :heart:


I have a few viable games, though each has variables I could use help testing. Been kinda pathetic running back and forth in my board game trying to play against myself.


Shoot me a message sometime and I’ll try to find a time to test those with you


All of these sound like a hoot!