What Kind of Grapple do you use or buy?

Like the title says What Kind of Grapple do you use or buy ?

Medium real in speed, durability, and distance for building.

Maximum real in speed, max durability and distance for hunts.

Love em in all the gem and metal types available :+1:

hookshot max range for exploring :D, emerald prefered :smiley:

I use two on my explorer/hunter/miner Rajanimaya
Rift long range with high reel speed
and an emerald also long range with glow
I am an idiot. If I am on an exo or other high tier world using 2 grapples to
travel fast, I sometimes mix up which one I’m hanging from.
SPLAT. So I started using two of different materials.
Then I can see by color ‘green in right - rift in left’.

The monkey can learn. Woohoo


As mentioned before and as written in my PM for you @Turrican2006, this above is one of the big myths of boundless that will be on my information board.

Reel in/out has a maximum capacity. Not only have I been told that, I also tested it. It doesn’t matter if you have reel speed of 75m/s or 40m/s, it’s the same. So if you forge Grapples, and you don’t want to make it artificially expensive or hard to forge, then you kinda focus on the range, the projectile speed and then add a little reel in/out speed on.

What people don’t know is that if you have hookshot Grapples, the reel is already maxed as the reel in/out speed comes for free on top with the hookshot boon. So you then have freedom to focus on the range and projectile speed or other boon that gets requested.

What I mentioned so far is probably the most requested (range, projectile speed and reel in/out) on diamond or emerald.

The hookshot version is less asked for.

Then there a versions with durability and glow.

A friend of mine likes for example range, glow and durability on Sapphire.

I have on one hand the standard version, on the second hand Sapphire with range, projectile speed and glow as the reel speed of Sapphire is already nearing the max cap of reel speed. That’s what I use for building and hunting. I never use anything else :slight_smile: mostly forge my second hand Grapple on my own as it’s an unique request that normally isn’t offered. The standard version I like to buy from people :slight_smile: but could easily do myself as well. But that’s the freedom one has.

If you become the Grapple forger of my market, you can focus on gem Grapples. The metal Grapples should be covered by the “Beginner Equipment shop”. Lucents are no requirement, but since there’s no shop so far planned for Lucent Grapples, you got the freedom to add it into your stock if you want/can. If that might be only private orders would be also fine to me as it’s officially the gem only Grapple shop :joy:


I am using emerald grapples.
High distance, high projectile speed and some dura is my every day grapple.
High distance, high projectile speed and glow for building.
Projectile speed is important because at up to 60m range + skill + guild buff it would take 2-3 seconds for the projectile to arrive.

I have to dispute this ‘reel speed of 75m/s or 40m/s, it’s the same’
Maybe it’s different for pc users vs other.
I play Boundless on a pc.
I definitely move faster with the higher reel speed grapple than I do with the normal speed one.
So maybe it’s wise to put in your comments what device you play on and amend your statements to reflect that.
Maybe it’s a myth for a PS4 user, but it is not for a pc user.

I never bothered with reel speed until it was pointed out to me by someone else. And I stay alive a lot longer due to moving out of the way faster.

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I use 2 types of grapples.

Hunting and exploring I like: range, projectile speed and reel in/out

Goo Farming I like: Range, Projectile Speed & Glow

I mainly use Emerald but for messing round my base and building I use Amethyst with a combo of the above forges.

No hookshot

About the same in top speed, yes but not the same in acceleration. The 75m/s one will get you to 40m/s faster. The difference is not so much but there is some.

This is from a 40m/s reel in grapple. On flat ground it does not fully reach 40 m/s. Here 37.84 likely due to friction with ground.

This is from a 85m/s reel in grapple. On flat ground it holds 40m/s constantly.

There is also a dev comment about this:


I love a Gem Hookshot grapple with Range and durability.

Preferably Emerald or Diamond.

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Diamond or Emerald, high range, projectile speed, and reel speed/durability depending on the gem type

NO HOOKSHOT (I just really don’t like it)

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I always buy gem grapples with speed, range, and dura. Never hookshot or glow.


Same here, always speed range and dura

Hookshots never made sense to me, I need that slack to swing! (Edit I also play with an Xbox controller, which makes reeling in/out on the fly much easier than when using a keyboard)

I would like to be able to lock an angle , then build/chisel from that point without affecting grapple until I unlock it :slight_smile: Also yup …No Hookshot lol.

:rofl: :rofl: Ima fan of the hookshot in the Right hand and non hookshot in the left. Takes a bit of getting used to but the hookshot is useful if traversing a planet for exploration. I can grapple high and let go flying through the air like George of the jungle and just grapple the ground right before i land so i dont die unless landing in water either way definitely adds some fun when u think of George of the jungle watching out for that TREE! :sweat_smile:


I’m a fan of projectile speed and range. I’m always in gem or lucent grapples on my main and look to have the most range possible.

The desire for range along with being a two-handed grappler makes the reel speed less important than projectile because when moving projectile speed helps you to accurately hit the further out targets and I’m almost never looking to ‘fling’ or throw myself.

This means the only time that reel speed is really important to me is when I’m trying to get out of lava :rofl:

Stone grapple.
Old school


Range, Projectile Speed, and Reel Speed. Most of the grapples I use are Emerald.

Emerald or Rift with distance and durability, third can vary. NO HOOKSHOT!!!

Self forged COPPER Grapples!!! :grin:
Range, Reel In/Out, & Durability

Energy drain is SOOOOO low. Add Guild Grapple Buff & Grapple Skill Points and these things are AMAAAAZZING