What planet are these from

White Twisted and Black Lustrous wood are colors from EXO planets :grinning:
Or them blocks are spray painted …:rainbow:

The blink exo up right now has white twisted wood : )

Yep exo. There should be an exo with white wood now. Hurry!

If you want black go to “does it come in black” store.

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I want black gleam!


Black gleam legendville. Maybe you can make a deal with @legend i know there waaas over 200 at the main hub.


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I would love to go to a exo world but never been and don’t have enough for portal


Meet at the Hunt Hive we can send you. Message Taleyah on discord when ready


Hey man, do you mine? If so, just go out for an hour and sell everything you come back with. Do this until you can afford a cheap aoe hammer. You can stick to t3 worlds like imdarri if you want and mine silver. Use an atlas for the sea of blue and then go downwards to the mantle. A cheap aoe hammer and all that silver ore to sell will give you enough to buy a nicer aoe hammer to go to higher tier worlds and make more money or you can use that money for your port to the exo worlds.

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Yep that what I’m bout to do I’m making a store right now in raxxa

Ok will do