What planet has high percent of titanium?

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I’m in need of titanium what planet do you go and get it from???


Shock and Chill planets (T6) are also Metal planets. Another tip is to use the Places menu when you are on the planets, switch to the Resources sub-tab. You can see the prevalence of resources on each planet that way.


In other words go to MalariaCrab and mine diamond spots. You will swim in silver, gold, titanium, medium and hard coal. Iron is present there in numbers as well.
Silver is more present just above diamond altitude so you might spend some time at lvl 30 if you want to get more of it.


I personally go to Galan for my Titanium.
Seem to always walk away with tons from there.
Just make sure to 70? Blocks over your head where ever you are mining it


Sapphire and topaz on houchus


Oh my, what a rookie mistake. I meant MalariaCrab of course. :blush:
Thanks for spotting that. Edited the post.


Yep, come to ma’krib and get it :rofl:


If you go to the powerman mining hub in legendville he has the % of each mine-able item posted on the wall.
Try it out!