What planet is pale lilac gleam on


The color sheet I have doesn’t say what planet it’s on. And I’m not going to use the PS system to try and find which planet it’s on(let alone use the gleam farms they have lol)


Till, there is a ton outside Metillica Hub


Thanks! Tho I don’t know the Metillica hub


We are the ultima hub, and have a city portal in PS hub


Is there a problem with the gleam farms? Or just don’t want to traverse the portals?


I don’t like the PS portals plus the lack of useful labels on higher tier planets is also a big reason. Oh and the fact that the higher tier planets aren’t safe in your hubs because there’s no doors blocking mobs from coming in


Ok jms

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The one at the PS Hub on Gloviathosa is down right now. I posted about it on Discord a few minutes ago but thought I’d mention it here too while you were on the subject. :wink:


Got it. I just got home from work, I’ll check it out. In the process of moving our farms to the main platforms right now, that might be the issue :o