What region am I in?

Is there a way to find the name of the world region that I am currently in? Not on the HUD and pretty sure its not in places. I can almost always see the name of a region i’m not in though.

Well how I’ve always understood it is that if it says (direction) of (region) that means you are that direction of the center of the region.

Not 100% on if that is the actual case.


Ok! i think that makes sense. Thanks Kas for the help.


What @kasaisaru is pretty much correct.

I’ll add that, in your HUD, when it states “Southeast of (region name)” you would be in sort of a sub-region or the outskirts of a region center. So when it says “Southeast of” you must go the opposite (North West) in order to reach the region center.
This is what hunt leaders use when leading hunts, because once at the region center, will you trigger meteors.

Hope this helps, and holler if you need anything else!


Thanks @NickkThatsGood! The heading has always seemed pretty intuitive but I’m sure people get confused. I’ve just been trying to figure out what region my base is in. Thanks again to both of you for the quick and friendly help.

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