What’s stopping people plotting so much land?

First of all hi to everyone. I bought the game on PS4 yesterday and still learning. Ive just seen that you can buy cubits for cash. So you buy plots with cubits. So people with the biggest bank balance will plot as much as possible and leaving not much for anyone else! Is the plan’s to stop this happening?


Basically for the cost of plotting a significant portion of land the devs can afford to just bring another planet online.


Each world is quite large, as well - with 200,000+ plots, I believe.

Also, biome variety per world is generally not extreme. If you find a place you like, there are almost guaranteed to be dozens of very similar locations elsewhere on the world (but certainly requires a good deal more effort on your part to find)


I would say that the sheer volume of real estate available, that and as previously mentioned the cost involved. Space will not be an issue, now being able to build exactly where you want if it’s in a populated area might be, such as popular cities or towns, but then you can always make your own city and be in the center.

I’m interested to see how this pans out though, I can’t wait to see suburbs pop up orbiting the large major settlements.


And from the perspective of the person doing it. It would WAY cheap to just rent a planet.


Or just buy the company :wink: lol


I’m all for that! And besides there is soooooooo much room on all the planets, i dont see it being a real problem unless the playerbase explodes fortnite BR style.


since there is a playerlimit (at the same time) per world which would lead to many unwanted situations if there are to many players in the game the devs will throw in more worlds to compensate this, so there will never be a problem with finding some nice places to build :wink:

I have wondered about this…

There’s a limit of max 100 people on 1 planet, but what does the max entail? I mean, it can’t be active/running around players since with the portals and portal hubs it is possible to have more than 100 people in the same spot.
Is it a maximum for Beacons? But does that mean I can’t build on another planet? I know that’s not the case either, so I’m wondering how this is being handled…

I think anyone who did buy their way to plot heaven would soon find themselves scratching their head at all the time it’d still take to fill it with resources.

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it seems to be only a limit in players online at one world the same time. I remember to see a screenshot which shows a portal or warp with the info “the world is full”. I hope of cause that this limit can be raised because it limits big community events like community parties or ultimative large hunting events.

I’m curious as to what the “max” is defined as

i think 100 people in a world means the active player in that world at the moment.
Because 1 world kind of = to 1 server.
So i guess once the server reach to 100 active people you can’t enter that world until someone travel to other planet.

It happened the days when PS4 players join the game, Storis II got 99 people there.
I heard my friend said he had trouble to get into the Storis II.

Game won’t let you in on a planet that has reached the player limit.

The limit has little (if anything) to do with enough space for beacons and builds. I’d say main reason is server performance with too many players. Also resources availability (regeneration can be blocked for too long with too many people revisiting the same areas) is a bigger issue than lack of space to plot and build.

Does this affect only new arrivals on planet or anyone?

Let’s say i have a base on planet X but i am currently offline. While im offline 100 people come to planet X. When im back from work and i login, the game won’t let me play? Or is it based on 100 people who have something on the planet? Does it mean you can only build on one planet?

Also, are resources unique to specific planets? Can “Kryptonite” only be found on “Krypton” planet? If so, what’s to stop from people simply keeping that planet full & abusing their export monopoly?

Kryptonite!!! When did they let that in here!!!

You can build on as many planets as you have beacons and plots.

I am getting the impression that if 100 people are currently on a planet that you cannot go to that planet. You can go to another planet but not that one. I think this might be an issue if people have their workshop and resources on a full planet and this happens, but I also know the developers are aware of this and I think looking at it.

There are resources that are unique to certain tiers and types of planets. Gems for example are only in the higher tier planets and are based on the type of planet. I believe with the number of planets no gems are unique to one world any longer. Colors of a resource such as gleam and certain rocks may currently only be on one planet. Since it requires players to be active, I do not think it would be possible to keep the planet full and create a monopoly. I believe even if it started to happen, players would complain and the developers can always spawn a new planet with the same resources.


Not to ‘borrow trouble’ but as a new player I only have access to 1 planet so I’m a little worried I won’t be able to play tonight. :frowning:

I’m sure you will be fine, although there is a world limit, new players will be spread out amongst the newer worlds so I very much doubt you won’t be able to join your planet and play :slight_smile:

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how do you rent a planet? can anyone travel there?

Ah, I didn’t realize new players were spread out. When I created my character I had a choice of 1 planet to go to! But I guess that’s how they spread us out… if they gave us a choice one world would become the ‘trendy’ world to start on and we’d clump up.