What should be sold for Cubits, and what shouldn't?


location location location. The universe is large and portals make things complex to map. Small overpriced shops still make money (even now with the small universe!!!).


So you don’t believe the optics of charging 40$ for a voxel sandbox game, then proceeding to, in the beginning of the tutorial, show the user not only do they start with barely any plot size, they are shown exactly how to spend real money to buy more plots?

it looks bad. In your case, people had already bought Minecraft, they paid the admission to the ride, the only cost they had here was whether or not they wanted to be part of a modded server. They could, at any time, go start up Creative Mode and build whatever they wanted.

You can’t do that in Boundless.

In this case, if you spend the 40$ on Boundless, more than Minecraft, you cannot build anything you want. There is no private server option for free that allows you full creative mode.

I would agree in your experience it yielded few issues, but this is a game releasing on Steam, and Steam is notorious for bandwagon hate reviews. I would argue the situation is sufficiently different to warrant further examination.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Plots for cubits is fine - but the perception is the problem here. We need a big pop up in game that explains how you get cubits as you level up, and in increasing amounts! This will soothe a ton of player’s worries if you address this directly, in game, in a clear and concise fashion


I mean the user is shown during the tutorial that they will hit level 5 stupid fast and get lots of plots right?

why not just use magicavoxel?


I agree with you only on the perception part. Perception needs to be addressed. This is very true. It currently feels bad at a glance, and that’s what most players will be doing.

I have answered more questions about the exchange over the past week than @Steggs101 and @james combined have all-time.

Trust me, perception IS a problem


So that same person then buys 10,000$ worth of plots, and buys up all the land in prime real-estate, creating a new center of commerce, shutting you out completely. And he has gleam club, so all his plots auto-refuel.

You cannot compete against a Whale Trader who has equal knowledge of trading as you.


but his planet only supports 100 people, and you setup a small shop beside his planet with no wait times =D


or you sell to his request baskets


This is where your lack of understanding the game gets you in trouble - this “whale trader” in question would not do this, buying up a massive amount of plots is NOT helpful.

It prevents world regeneration, and all it will do is make people mad at you. They will boycott your shop because you are doing it wrong!


Misread that this guy also put his portals for cheaper. This hypothetical person must be a complete idiot for thinking that paying real life cash and constantly selling things at half the price of every competitor is sustainable. I’m sorry, I thought this was a competent individual that would price things based on how much it actually cost to make. Real cash not being a factor of that. That seems really silly to me.

Like I said in my original post. His determination to price something lower is not a factor of the shorter time that it took him to produce it. That my friend is insanity. The willingness to use real life money AND sell something cheaper…

Point is anyone can put any price on something if they have enough of it. I do not see anything wrong with this guy undercutting all of the competition. Now I’m going to produce the same supply (albeit it will take a bit) and then undercut him to $4. Touché right?


the hypothetical person, not a real person


Thanks @Simoyd edited my post for clarity.


It’s sustainable if he is a whale and can afford to keep pumping in real money.

My point is that allowing inventory upgrades and crafting time reductions would create an unfair advantage to those engaging in the Market/Trading aspect of the Sandbox genre, and would, unequivocally, be Pay to Win.

This cannot be denied. If you cloned yourself, and you started with a basic 40$ purchase of the game, and your clone started as Oortian and had an additional 10,000$ to spend on the game’s Cash Shop, you would lose to your clone. Full stop. You would not be able to compete against him. He would always have market advantage because everything you think of, he thinks of, and he has the added bonuses of more plots, more inventory, faster crafting, and thus more productivity.

That is Pay to Win. And it needs to be carefully tread around. I’m not saying it’s overtly Pay to Win, or that it’s going to be a significant issue, but there’s enough truth in the Pay to Win statement that it could ignite a flamewar on the game’s Steam Reviews and that could harm the image of the game and it’s sales.


It cant be. Get someone with even more time on there hands and they’ll beat me. Get 5000 people and they’ll beat me regardless of being able to speed up the time it takes to craft something. Eventually this group of people may have enough to supply the entire playerbase with 10 times the amount of things they will end up needing over there entire play time.

Active time matters, not passive time.

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Well , Its more about feeling.
Give me a reason i need to grind so hard to exchange same function as whales who spend tons of money ?
Whales means tons of money to spend = Infinity plots + Infinity skill switch+Max Characters.
These things shouldn’t be sell at the first place.

Also MinerDiggerMan, just quit the game if you don’t like their way.
This what i did yesterday.
Let the market decide this is the good game or not.

For me this is not the game i expect anymore.
They just destroy the most fun game i found in my life :unamused:

Also don’t tell me i don’t understand the system in the game.
I spent a lot of time to understand everything about this game. (people know me i think they know)

Let me mention it again, its all about feeling.


Nothing in the current plan would let someone with 10 grand do this, would it


That’s moving the goal posts. I never mentioned active time playing.

The common agreement is that yes, those who play more have an advantage, but that’s never been considered Pay to Win. Being able to play 8, 16 hours a day has never been considered Pay to Win.

If you and your clone played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week nonstop, your clone would win because he had Oortian, and access to 10,000$ and a Cash Shop.

And so, in closing, Inventory Expanders, and Crafting Time reducers, should be carefully introduced in order to mitigate any chance of Steam Review Revolts, in order to ensure this game doesn’t get bandwagoned and downvoted unnecessarily.


Your response makes sense to me and I understand your concerns.

I think that Boundless is unique enough that aside from concern over the possibility, there isn’t any data that says it WILL be bad or it WON’T be bad. Because of that, I think the shop should move forward with plots and examine actual data that comes in once the game launches.

Otherwise we are expressing individual opinions on something that will be consumed on a macro scale.

Thankfully, we do have data on the developers of the game. They respond quickly to issues and are very present. So if there is backlash, they will respond.

I earnestly believe the game will be okay and do well, with regard to the cash shop.


The problem is you only get one chance to Launch a game, if this turns out to be a hot button issue for people, and I imagine there’s a chance it may be, that could severely harm the game’s release.

Game’s that slip into Mixed rating and lower rarely ever sell well.


I don’t think $10,000 worth of these would put many shops out of business.