What stats will we have?

Sorry for (maybe stupid) question but what stats on our characters we will have?I mean if this game is MMO/Creator we still have characters from MMO and of course our stats.
MMO games have damage , armor , dodge etc. Also have specialised stats like speed of creation , speed of run and other.I want to know how this game will look in mmo side. On screenshot i gave an example.
p.s.also sorry for my english ^^"


They haven’t said much about anything relating to stats, skills, professions etc. yet.
But it most likely won’t be anything you’ve seen in any other MMO^^ So no flat stats like in your picture.



discussed it here, didnt get much of an answer though.

dont think you can have a game without stats, here is a base explanation.

but admittedly, the wearable system still sounds really odd and i fear that you are right in the sense of no flat stats. my biggest problem with not having stats is that there is nothing to stop a player from going from tier 1 to tier 10 (example) in a rush, because there is no equipment limitations.


topru there is the discussion on wearable, we dont know about personal progression yet but this kinda shows gear progression


I said specifically flat stats^^

Health is a flat stat, dmg is a flat stat.

i can at the very least assume that those changes. sadly we dont know how yet.

unless you define ‘‘flat stats’’ as literally writing str, int and dex. then yeah, we are not sure those are in the game

It’s only flat if you have a menu where you see exact numbers. Like in the picture OP posted.
I mean yea health might be the only flat stat we will have.
But damage can come in various ways and I’m sure the devs will find a way to make them not flat if they want that. Which seems to be the case.


Indeed, we dont know yet though, they said they made it so we have a clever dmg system, however you are going to need a base dmg, so say your weapon deals 20 - 30 damage, thats a flat stat, you have 20% dmg bonus from gear, still a flat stat, the fact that hitting an enemy in the head and in the leg deals different amounts of dmg is what i assume you are thinking of, so yeah its not going to be like ‘‘anywhere you hit you deal the same dmg and your stats decide everything’’ but there has to be stats or you have a bow that deals 1 to infinity damage and you have 1 to infinity health xD

PS: i should really stop arguing this for now, i just realized how confused is till am about the wearable system

@james @ben can you drop some wisdom on this topic for us?

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Yea I just realized that “flat stat” is a really fuzzy term^^
I think for the moment it’s the best to say, that Oort won’t be like any MMO you’ve seen until now. In every aspect including stats.

Every game will have stats (hint: they’re pretty much just numbers). It’s more of a case of a: whether they’re exposed to the player (and how they’re exposed) and b: whether they can be increased (progression).

We’re still working out the details of both, but I have shared what our current approach is in a post above somewhere (so read that if you’re curious).


Thanks Ben :smile: