What Steam games should I get for my birthday?

My birthday is March 26. I already got some physical things for myself-but I want video games. Any good games on Steam? (I use a Mac, remember that!)

Steam Games I own:

Eldritch, Oort Online, Black Ice, Super Win The Game, You Have To Win The Game

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I’m not sure how difficult Super Win the Game is, but if you are a “brutality is rewarding” gamer, you should try Super Meat Boy, Castle in the Darkness and Cave Story.

Cave Story is an amazing game and I think anyone who considers themselves a gamer should at least try this.

Castle in the Darkness is brutal and can be very frustrating, but is very fun and has tons of little secrets and items to find. If you manage to beat it 100% you unlock an even more fun experience with tons more items.

Also if you have at least one trustworthy friend and you don’t mind a little chaos, try out Magicka, there’s plenty of spell flinging and references and silliness to be had.

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  1. FEZ. The only other nostalgia machine known to man that’s up there with Shovel Knight. Great puzzles, not so great replayability. Good soundtrack, though.

  2. Portal 1 and Portal 2 have great humor and unique gameplay. Marvels of the gaming industry, as I’m sure you may have heard. If you’re split on a decision, though, just get Portal 2: A level editor, longer campaign, co-op, and a mod in development making the first game in the entirety.

  3. Game Dev Tycoon. Some may give this game mediocrity, but it’s a really fun strategy simulation about being a game developer.

  4. The Walking Dead Season 1 and Season 2. Last time I played it on a Mac, it wasn’t very well optimized, but it’s a grand story telling experience. It saves the decisions you make throughout, so the story can be different every time.

  5. Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You’ve may have heard about this one. It’s a great horror game with some of the best atmosphere I’ve seen. Plus you can get mods and maps to play after the story. But again, like TWD, it wasn’t very well optimized the last time I played it.

  6. Super Meat Boy. Hiyosup already said this one, so I’m just mentioning it to back him up. Played it for a year and 1/2, and I’m still only around 50% complete.

  7. LIMBO. It’s relatively short when you know all the solutions, but the puzzles will last you quite a while if you don’t. Immense atmosphere and ambience all the way.

  8. The Swapper. I still haven’t gotten around to beating it, but it’s another great puzzler. Interestingly enough, the entire game’s assets are made of clay. One of the best soundtracks I’ve heard as well.

  9. Borderlands 2 (Game of the Year Edition here). Although the first one isn’t compatible for Mac, and I haven’t played it longer than 4 hours, I have heard great things about it. A pretty good FPS-RPG

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If you like those games I would add “The Wolf among us” … same game engine, but different setting (creapy fairy tale creatures roaming as a community in New York and you are the Big Bad Wolf who does the Job of the Sherrif). I love it ;D

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If I could like this more than once I would. The story of it makes it for me, its amazing and got me hooked on Fables the graphic novels.


Sorry if my post is too long.

I’d suggest getting Don’t Starve for $14.99, it’s kind of depressing it be in the dark world by yourself, especially when you first start out. You’ll probably die a bunch until you figure out that you need to have a light source during the night, then from there it’s mainly just a survival game that has everything out to kill you except for a few animals, it’s a really cool game and you get the multiplayer version, Don’t Starve Together, for free once it gets out of Early-Access.

The Stanley Parable, for $14.99, it’s uh… I don’t know how to truly describe it. You are Stanley, you have a boring job, in a boring office, then you turn into an awesome version of Stanley that walks out of his office and explores, you can follow the Narator’s directions or go against them to have a different effect on the game, I don’t know how many ending there are but it does have it’s funny moments and it’s moments where you question the game. Just know that The Stanley Parable never ends, or does it?

Octodad, for $14.99, it’s a wacky game that you could play with a friend using the mode where you set who controls which arm(s) and leg(s) or you can play by yourself. You are an… Octopus that tries to live a normal life with his human family, it’s blatantly obvious that you aren’t human but only one person notices it and throughout the game there are moments where you have to escape him, other than that you just go around swinging your arms and legs to get to the objectives. It has some moments that are funny due to the amount of stupidity in the game.

Surgeon Simulator 2013, for $9.99, this game will help you get your PhD and when you include playing this game on your resume, you will instantly get hired and you’ll probably be richer than Bill Gates after your first surgery. If you play this game, you will learn that you can perform a dual-lung transplant with one hand. (The other hand was probably cut off when you first picked up that powered bonesaw.) In all seriousness, this game is just a murder simulator, most of the fun is trying to figure out the controls then figuring out how to perform the surgery.

I’m not sure if Left 4 Dead 2 or Left 4 Dead (Each costs $19.99) are still alive on the PC but when I played on the Xbox 360 it was an amazing game. You work with your team to get to the safe-room while fighting through a horde of zombies, or you can be a zombie and try to kill the survivor team. I don’t know anything about mods or etc on the PC version but I think it has mods. They both cost $19.99, but you can get them both in a bundle for $29.99 but I don’t really know the difference between the two besides the character’s, maps, and the uncontrolled special zombies.

I would suggest Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance, for $29.99, but I only played the demo on the Xbox 360 and I was amazed with it. All I know is that it is Metal Gear Solid and it’s a bunch of killing stuff with awesome sword skills, I mean the guy can somehow grab the sword with his foot after swinging it rapidly and he has some sort of heel-boot on, that’s awesome enough right?

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The Marvellous Miss Take - action heist game with a new twist on stealth.

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I got that for myself and it is fun and equally frustrating when I play the cripple.

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If you are a part of this project, you need to play Terraria. It has had a large influence on the devs building this game. Plus it kicks ass. I bought it during steam sale for $2.99. I have logged over 200 hours in it. Now that’s a value buy.

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Garrys mod