What turns you off playing Boundless?


Going to get yelled at for this by everyone. But I think that aggressive npc camps should be a thing. For example has regions(like 100×100 unit area) like a plain, or an alcove and litter it with huntable mobs. And at the center of that little space a camp or Oortian npcs that are hunting them, and they are aggressive to players. They have a combo of weapons and levels. Drop coins and materials that match the creatures around them, maybe the camp has some useful stuff (blocks, not tools or machines). I think outside of the Titan system that is eventually coming, it would be something interesting to have. I just think that all Oortians being friendly players is a bit bland. Just feel that outside of PvP would be fun to be able to fight other Oortians


Fun bit of lore, not at all on topic but related to this post, we aren’t the oort, the oort are apparently extinct precursors that populated the universe before us. Our race is as of yet officially unnamed. :smile:


Ok, then small camps of 2-3 npcs of “unnamed race” :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, we do need to find a name for them :stuck_out_tongue:


Not enough to do. Limited by gold, and forced to find resources to be able to grind resources to grind resources to find something and get somewhere where you again have to grind resources to grind resources to find resources.

In the end, all you do is mine to mine, or design some cool building that will never be seen out side of a screenshot.


yell, yell, yell


What turns me off in this state of the game is the grind.

Because the game kinda forces you to make alts for different professions I started a hunter alt.
This time only focussing on the skills that make this alt a good hunter.

Levelling up feels like a slow endless grind. Still need to spend precious skill points to skills you do not really need as a hunter, but without them it’s almost impossible to gain levels.

So the plan is to level up my hunter as a miner/builder/crafter and then grind again to unlearn those skills and respec for hunting skills.

Not so boundless :wink:


AMEN! and AMEN! (had to be 10 characters)


I know its too early for wishing for more stuffs.
But for me what turned me off for now is the lack of beauty how much things we easily could update for the world of boundless.

Make it feel boundless plz :slight_smile:


Maybe the regenerate bomb could also “claim” the area so that no one could mine the area for 24hrs or something. So no way to farm the area.


Then ppl will just throw them with an low level alt that has all plots used.


I guess I thought it was obvious, but “regen-bombs” would have to be costly in material and time to craft, as well as possibly being level locked to be able to craft/carry/use.


I think it was also meant that the regen bomb would essentially lock the area for 24 hours, so no one could use it (not even the player that threw the bomb).


I am not sure why a regen bomb needs to be so hard to acquire and so costly and level locked? Also why do we need to lock down the plot beyond maybe a temp 8-13 hour no beacon placement reservation.

Why can’t it just be a decent amount of resource to create like any mid tier item and then kick of the regen in the next 8-13 hours like any NORMAL wild regen cycle. That would then clearly not provide any possible “farming” issue because it would be just like the normal wild regen.

This would then fix the issue that is primarily causing this – left of stuff that will not regen because of traffic around plots. So either lower the traffic influence blocking regen or allow this without making it so hard to acquire.


If this bomb only regens natural materials back to its natural state like global regen does (note, not resource redistribution, that is a separate procedure) then there is nothing really exploitable to begin with. Caves would regen back bare stone, trees would regen trunks and leaves, tall grass, etc. Surely a little metal would be more than enough to offset the cost enough to make it not worth abusing. This could even be a low tier bomb.

I imagine a recipe with a tallow, cloth, base metal, and tech fragment would more than sufficiently offset any perceived abuse cases.


Unless I am wrong when @james first mentioned the bomb it was in regards to the regen traffic issue and the landscape plot suggestion post I made… so at least I see it as something for that over anything else.


Now that we’ve ironed out a regen bomb, I’m afraid we’ve veared off topic (and I’ve contributed!) Let’s take any further details about regen bombs to a new topic.


This just brings me to a “main question” … wouldn’t it be better if have traveled areas have a hight regeneration factor? I know a lot of people think there might be a higher “pollution” and therefore it needs longer for regeneration … but we are in a “magic universe” and I think it could the environment defending against the invaders (avatar kora) and therefore regenerate a lot faster. this would make a “regen bomb” unneccessar" or useless. Just an opinion.


If different planets had unique fauna that only spawned on them… Every time the game is featured, there is a boost in the population. So feature it more. It has high ratings, yet other pure ■■■■ games are featured every stinking week with horrible ratings. Imagine what would happen if they featured this just as much.

Obviously it is an early game. So all early games need player feedback to plan on what to add next, or what to fix next.

More fauna,
More points to spend on our skills,
Don’t create more planet’s yet, but make what we already have more uniqe by fauna, resources and danger. Then add more planets when we get enough population to need them. Maybe mining timer only buildings for resource planets. Then population planets stay population planets.


My family has been playing Minecraft since alpha. I’ve been running my own Minecraft server on Linux since alpha. I quit playing Minecraft shortly after Microsoft bought Mojang. My four kids (ages 7 to 14) and wife still play Minecraft that I host on my Linux server. The 7 an 9 year old boys played Boundless the most but stopped after grappling hook changes.

I bought into this game because it was voxel-based, prettier and more curvy than Minecraft, and advertised that I could run my own server, portals, etc.

What keeps my family from playing Boundless (I took a survey):

  • hosting your own server not currently supported
  • characters are goofy looking
  • items / tools are not very durable
  • grappling hook has durability
  • grappling hook was shortened
  • lack of interesting fauna
  • lack of farming / pets

I mention Minecraft because my family plays it weekly for “family” game time after all these years. I am unable to convince them to play Boundless until I can run my own private server and mod the durability and other settings that annoy them.