What will endgame content be like in Boundless?

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Just imagine this: You and five guildmates confront a gate with six locks. Each lock requires a key made of a different material, one jade, one crystal, one gold, one obsidian, one titanium, and one bronze. Each key was crafted meticulously with very rare crafting materials from across the universe. One by one the locks are opened, and finally the gate itself opens, revealing a portal to a hellish world. The six of you step through, and are confronted by a massive beast, bristling with toxic spikes. You and each of your guild mates are armed to the teeth with advanced weapons and armor, but this will be a tough fight, even with your combined might. After a fierce battle, the beast is slain, and drops a massive load of crafting materials, weapons, and armor, to be deposited into the guild vault, or sold for a pretty penny. Your group emerges victorious with heaps of loot and stories to tell.

Okay, so maybe this is a little ambitious, but I am curious, what will endgame content be like in Boundless? Will there be things to occupy our time? Will there be group bosses strong enough for characters that have the best gear? When will boundless end?


One word: Titans.


But those where three words :stuck_out_tongue:

But as lord Chaos said, Titans are the end game goal. Requiring a large guild effort and a few days to complete for bragging rights and their coveted core.

It seems more like Titans will be only one part of the endgame:


I hope that those “most dangerous worlds” will include not only strong beasts but also other natural or supernatural hazards like damaging weather effects which you can avoid by hiding, earthquakes that let your tunnels crumble, sudden deep dark nightlike shadows making the surface without any light nearly instantly so that you have bad view, storms that push you sideways when jumping or running, very unsuitable terrain, breaking floor blocks that open to a pit /cave below, blocks that slow your movement or other stuff like that… I want to feel 'da pain! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Endgame: Dying a lot.


Praise the Sun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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