What would entice you to enter a themed building competition?

  • The location is important
  • The theme is important
  • The overall project is important
  • I want plots provided
  • I want to plot my own place
  • Coin
  • Gear
  • Oort
  • Various prizes
  • Participation prizes for everyone
  • Supplies provided

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The Size of the project is important xD


My ability to actually make the thing not look too amateur is important… Lol


I personally do not participate in contests, but my guess is you get a lot of traffic if you offer prizes/moneys :3

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i agree with @babycookie about the size.
the bigger the area, the less likely i am to participate. (speaking as a multiple contest participant) 2x2x2 is fun, spending a lot of plots, materials and time on a thing that will be popular for a week and then forgotten forever because there is not much else to do with it once everyone seen it, is not.
I’d suggest max size limit for contests that take place in a special contest area and no limit only for builds that we can make where we want.


I often don’t take part in building contests because of the location, but I like seeing pictures or videos of other people’s work

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I’m trash at building but enjoy seeing other peoples builds. Blows my mind the level of detail and effort put in.

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I have not participated in a build contest here, but I have in other games.

What I’ve always found is that if contestants are given a specifically sized area, it causes them to be even more creative.

You could plot an entire area with blocked outlines of where each person can build.

I also prefer 3d (statue / actual building) to 2d ( Flat image or scene on a wall)

2d takes away from creativity in my opinion. Although I’ve seen some impressive 2d art in Boundless

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