What would you buy exo plants & flowers for?

Ok so I have accumulated various colors of exo plants
And was wondering what price people think is fair

Exo plants

  • 70c
  • 80c
  • 90c
  • 100c
  • 120c
  • 150c
  • 180c

Exo flowers

  • 50c
  • 60c
  • 70c
  • 80c
  • 90c
  • 100c

Please no fights lol

I have sold a ton at 1500-2k. (for the more sought after colors) and usually sell the more normal colors from exo as just higher then the normal prices found in the scanner.

The whites and pure blacks have been selling pretty well.

It really depends on color.
I feel base colors like red. Blue are more valuable than other
Red > light red. Strong cherry etc

But thats just me

Flowers like cloneflowers? Don’t know that there’s much value in those. Exo plants are definitely valuable though. If you did even 200 each I’m sure you’d sell quite a lot

Wow thanks guys this was really helpful

flowers like cloneflowers, ghostflowers ec are used for making prestige plants and should be valued by their color rarity

plants, mushroom and boulders - also for their color rarity and they last forever as decorative plants so 1500+ based on their color - not many colecting them so dont devaluate them as long as they selling for 1500+

are you really value your work and cost of work for 50c per plant?

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I started collecting the exo plants to sell then eventually got burnt out. Running a shop that supplies exos can be exhausting, especially since I enjoy building too. But when I did sell I priced at about 1000-1500 for exo plants. They sold ok I suppose


People should at least look at a loot chart. I walk away shaking my head every time i see someone selling plants for less than the value of the loot they drop.


Where do we find loot charts? Or rarity charts?

Look up the plant in the knowledge tab. Look up the plant and click on it. It will tell you what it drops.

You can get proper loot infor at pfiffel.com, including what someone’s going to get with max luck if they just set them down and break them.

Good luck with color rarity there are various documents around but i have a couple thousand plants and stacks of blocks wasting away because I can’t be bothered to sort out the intersection of colors and markets both for them.

too much pain in the neck, so they sit in storage.

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