What would you pay for a Rift Heavy Hammer?


This hammer should one shot T7 Worlds…

What would you pay for it?


This on my forger, that is why the damage looks lower… However this will one shot T7 if you have your stats right.


In terms of usefulness, a diamond hammer with Busy bee, damage and aoe, along with strength brew, should be able to get similar results to using the above hammer with fast brew. The only difference is that the above hammer has twice as much durability.

I would price a diamond hammer with 3x3 aoe, busy bee, and damage, at about 8k. Given how the above hammer has twice the durability, I would say its worth 16k.


Don’t forget how much energy drain this has tho. I will say it’s a nice hammer but I couldn’t see myself paying 16k for a hammer like this. 12-13k probably. But just because I wouldn’t doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t.


I think 10-15k is a fair assessment, if we’re being practical anyhow. There might be a few here and there that sale for more because ‘I just have to have one’ but once the newness of things wear off and how much drain these things have I think 10-15k is where we’ll see it average around.


I would rate this lower than forged dia hammer atm. Just cause theres no use for it.
You do good enough with dia stuff. Until they add like tier8 this is showpiece for me