What ya building

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Would love to see what people are building for Christmas as my fav time of year. :snowman_with_snow:

Please post screen shots and where you are so I can come visit and take a look


Have you checked out MajorVex’s winter village next to Gyosha mall? Lots of cool Christmassy builds over there!! :heart_eyes:

And a perfect excuse for me to post this again :smile:


a huge pyramid atm 48x48 plots
Edit: Diffrent themes are gonna be inside


No screenshots…don’t want to ruin it.
Just head to the TNT Hub and walk through the oortmas village portal in the middle of the planet hub!

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I only have one holiday themed room so far, but thinking I’ll do more as I love the deco ice so much and it works great with the theme… :slight_smile: