Whats the best planet/location to dig lots of sand and silty soil?

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I am about to make about 3000 glass. That is 6000 sand and 6000 silty soil. Digging underground for these is patchy at best.

Are there any desert locations on lvl 1-3 worlds where I can dig tons of sand and planes of dirt as well? I have already smelted about 700 glass. Wishing there was some form of automation to keep the furnaces going. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Merika is mostly desert, and you can get a ton of waxy earthyams while you’re at it if you dig up all the surface sand and under the plants.

Silty Soil is abundant on all planets. Just lookout for a change in grass, as it usually means a change in soil too. Again, dig surface turf to get a bunch of other things while you’re at it.

Level 3 Lamblis has unlimited quantities of both in almost every direction, but any lvl 1 planet should also have these and I think you can probably 1shot the dirt there with copper tools.

Level 1 RAXXA has silty soil and sand in several places.

Thanks all. I have managed to gather all the sand and silty soil I needed to make all the glass I needed for the project I was working on.

The soil was easy enough, I got a bunch of it not far from my base. The sand I pulled from Merika near the outskirts of United States of Merika portal hub. I didn’t feel to bad because there had already been some serious strip digging where I got all the sand I needed.

I didn’t pay attention when I was hunting on Merika if the ground I was on was sand or dirt. I know now. :slight_smile: