What's the clearest glass u can make

Gonna put it over lava dont want regular glass with the lines I tryed whit but darkens the lava any ideas?

If you want cheap bulk you’re probably going to want dark orange for this, gloviathosa gleam.

If you can spring for some more common exo glass look for the shadow red, or someone may have a large bulk of the recent dark red.

Black is considered the “most transparent” but, yeah…

You might also consider some panes you’ll be able to bring the lava a lot closer with less obscuring.

I would like to have that clarity of the glass, without the lines, but I cant find any myself. Seems the gleam signs became more opaque once the new glass stuff was added.

I personally like the clarity of the glass, wish there was a way to remove the lines.

Dark orange will really be clear? Hmm I’ll have to check it out ty

More like, Dark Orange is the darkest persistent color you can get.
Everything else is in limited supply.

No, it will not be clear. You will have a hue-shift tint to it making everything behind it look more orange in color.

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See ima put water on top for some cool effects so signs wouldn’t work and I doubt panes would either

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Dark orange will likely modify the color of the lava the least. There are yellow also but as you note with the white, the brighter the gleam color, the more opaque/reflective the glass seems.

I edited this into my earlier comment but some dark panes might be the best shot at what it looks like you’re trying to do.

Editing again:

not sure about signs, panes will.

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I know panes dont stop lava tryed that once lol but maybe water will. Lots of things to try out ty

I experimented with dark red when that exo came around.

Everything behind it has this red tint to it. This is something I don’t like personally. I’d rather there be no tint to it, which is why I continue to ask for and wait for black gleam to be available in any decent quantity that one doesn’t have to compete with other players to get *cough* Gleambow *cough*

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U think white would be clear but who knows lots to do I hope it’s not panes cause I will need around 9ss for what I’m planning

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isn’t the recipe the same as blocks?

You would think so. It was that way until the rendering update happend which changed the way transparencies work in the game and caused things to become more or less translucent. I originally used white gleam signs for windows, but after the rendering changes they were just too difficult to see through. I still use them in my shop on Refgar, but I plan to (eventually (whenever that black gleam exo ever does come around (Hint, Hint, Devs…))) replace them with the newer glass using black tint instead of white.

Lol whoops geuss it is

Pajew if you have a minute come through the raxxa TNT portal to my factory.

We can look at the difference in clarity between bright, silky, dark and shadow colors.

I had logged out for bed but let’s see if we can make a little lava box.

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Agreed. I switched out my gleam sign windows for glass when the gleam signs became more opaque

Here’s an old screenie (cropped) of the clarity of the gleam signs before the change.
I miss that.

This is shadow red


over lava


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lava box in water, shadow red panes

With flowing water:

So here we go 1 thru 5 what u think

Personally 2 gives off most light

Heres a top view

I guess clear isnt the best I’m seeking a differnt type of lighting for a build I’m currently doing