What's the mining market like at the moment?

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Hey friends! Is the mining market particularly profitable at the moment?

I took a break from Boundless shortly after the first exoworld’s release, so I’m not really sure how the introduction of lucents (I think that’s what they’re called) impacted the price of gems. Just a little worried, since I’ve strictly played the game as a miner/trader/builder since EA. Currently working on setting up shop in Nova Golda and did some exploring to get an idea of the market’s current state, but I couldn’t really find anyone selling rough gems, coal, etc. (what I would normally sell). Are most people just self-sufficient when it comes to mining, or is mining just not that profitable anymore?
Thanks in advance :smiley:


I would say most prices are generally unaffected by the new lucent gem worlds.

Current prices for most gems range from 40-50c, with Emeralds and Amethysts being 120c+ given how there more difficult to mine due to their proximity to lava.

For Lucent Gems the market is more volatile, but I would say there somewhere between 500-1000c for rift and blink, with the price usually lowering a bit once the respective Exo world releases.

In terms of profitability compared to EA, when Malurialakrib (Diamond), Galan (Topaz) and Hochious I (Sapphire) were released, their respective gems became much easier to get - everyone has tons of the stuff, and even now everyone still does, meaning trying to find someone willing to buy them (especially if you have a lot of them) is difficult if you don’t massively undercut everyone.


I think one of the most important things may be advertising though.

I know I’ve gone looking for raw gems and had a hard time finding them.


Thanks! I guess it’s time to go mining on exoworlds then


Yeah, I haven’t really found anyone selling. That’s what got me scared. I should be setting up raw gems and lucents for sale within the next few weeks though if you or anyone else is interested


Can I preorder 707 Umbris please?


What was going to be the prices ya looking at?