What's the most convenient design for a water farm?

How do you fill your buckets in your kitchen?


Water farm at 3 blocks high would be cool. Probably not possible.

Portal at Nova Golda Portal area, bottom floor behind the sign marked ‘Farm Portals’

There are plenty of nice low level farm spots there, peaty, clay, ash, wood/sap, gleam and even pulsating orbs!

Here are some shots of the recent ones I’ve added:


I’ve seen that and I see how that would be useful with a solidifier. But is that where you fill bucks for cooking? I was wondering if that’s convenient or if it would be better to fill them from above?

Basically, I’d like to know how full time chefs get their water.

This is handy with a liquid collector. But since it’s also just 3 blocks high you can just walk into it with your buckets and fill them and step out of it again…


Also very useful for just grabbing water blocks.

If it had a portal from the “kitchen” it would be great for buckets. My base is build over/around water so I just go down to the water level and out to an unplotted bit of water. I have a lot of buckets and usually do a few hundred at a time.

In a pinch I’ve grabbed a couple of water blocks and just placed them, taking them back up with buckets. In this way you can just shove a SS of water into a nearby cabinet or even mixer storage directly and just fill them on the spot when you need them.

I do miss just going to the bottom of my stairs and filling buckets - it’s plotted though so now it just leaves me having to replace them with blocks anyways.


In the past I used to make sure I build my workshop near water and then made a waterfall in one specific spot where I could walk into and then out again with my buckets. But since the farming update filling your buckets like that removes the water blocks it became unusable…

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The blocks you collect with a hammer cannot be used for water buckets. For buckets of water you have to go to the water source and you need to fill them manually by equipping the buckets.

You can put the block on the floor and pick it up with a bucket.

Just like in real life :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I laughed way too hard at this

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In case that was confusing …

No mop required!!