When do you get more plots?

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I just hit level 10 and I have 4/4 plots. When is one able to acquire more plots? I assume they are limited by level but was wondering when this increases.

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You buy plots with cubits that you earn as you level. .

If you are using a pc to play. . hit L to bring up the Exchange. . that will tell you if you have any awards for levels, objectives, or feats. Collect these. if you click on plots you can then exchange some of your cubits for plots.

If you are using a PS4 I do not know the command to bring up the Exchange


Ohhhh ok, for some reason I thought there was a level restriction. Thanks!

do not buy a extra skill set until you read more about it please.


Yeah I have no idea what to do for skills so far so am all over the place I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you want to specialize in with your char? Luckily you can have up to 10 characters haha

I’m not sure. I really like crafting/building/gathering even though I am only a master at building big block houses :joy:

So I’ll probably explore and gather. I’m assuming I’ll want to join up with some others down the road as it’s probably much more fun that way.

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You can always join me at Laputa if you like :wink:

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I’m on Maryx if you ever make your way there haha