When is the update coming?

When is this update coming out? It’s been over three weeks yet I haven’t heard of it being pushed back or rescheduled. What’s the status??

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Uh, should be early this week. Three weeks ago they said soon, but no official date. I don’t see why the confusion, nothing has been promised. Early this week is no guarante either. Just sit tight and remember that the relative quiet is a good thing. It means they’re working hard to finish it for us! They want to release the update just as much as you do.

“It’ll be live ASAP. Likely early next week.”


Sounds great.

Sorry about the delay, our office move (and unexpected subsequent ongoing internet outage) have made things complicated…! Excuses aside, we’ll provide an update this week. And the good news is that because there’s been a delay there’s going to be even more in the update!


Booyaka! … Hope it will be still the early week cuz I’ll have days off then ^^… But take your time. Better a finished work then a quick released :wink:

Thanks for the info! I’m excited :smile:


@james, @ben, @lucadeltodecso

Okay, I’m serious now… all you have to do is give me a list of bugs by priority and rights to your GitHub repo (I promise I won’t do anything stupid) and I’ll start knocking out some bugs with you guys.

You guys don’t understand, I’m a father of six. I love my family, but they’re driving me absolutely CRAZY! Oort Online is my escape. It’s my peaceful alternate universe where there are no holes in the walls or toys thrown knocking over vases or 5-year-olds who absolutely LOVE broccoli one day and DETEST it the next.

If I could just sit and design a world, and then walk through it, tweak the trees and take another walk, add some lakes, go for a swim. My life (at this stage) would be relatively complete). Plus here in the U.S. we’re going through a rather stressful lead-up to the Republican Caucus for the 2016 elections and that is grating on my nerves as well.



Deez nuts for president!

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Could you please tell me what one twelve is?^^

Presumably the number of the upcoming release. Since, I believe, the last release was numbered 111.

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Aaaaaaah xD I feel so dumb now^^
Just searched the forum btw. 110 was slopes, 111 were hotfixes. So 112 is correct I’d say^^

Don’t feel dumb, I wasn’t 100% sure. I just guessed… based on your logic above. :smile:


Release version # will be 112. Or now: 1-12.

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We have something more important for you Agent @bigPharma … this post will self-destruct in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … :fire:


Waiting for the update like:




That environment!!! It’s becoming more and more ridiculous to compare this game to the likes of Minecraft.

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I was hoping that another character just stood behind him so you only saw him when the world lit up.


How appropriate. It’s raining this morning in North Tx.