When placing certain items in the game you end up with a empty space you cant place anything inside

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the only problem i am facing currently with the building mechanics when i am building walls or slabs you get a ghost wall on the one side of the brick that you cant put anything inside, Not even a torch on the wall it be sticking out like its a full brick its the same situation when placing crafting tables, extractors,mixers and workbenches. You always end up with a ghost spot you cant put anything inside i want this game to be as best as it can be and i think this is a problem a lot of people are facing it would make me so happy to be able to place blocks anywhere without that restriction of a ghost space taken up.

another suggestion would be when placing any item in the game to show a ghost outline of where the item is going to be placed to improve the accuracy of item placing… you could even implement in the settings a slider which increases and decreases the amount of opacity so everyone has custom choices.

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That simple idea will be super hard to implement, if possible at all. Making a wall and then trying to place a block right next to it, would require for that block to be between the outlines of two block spaces. It would open up a lot of building possibilities, but it will be a hit on the game development and possibly performance.

As a builder I would be beneficiated, but I also think there’s a beauty to building within certain boundaries and possibilities. Over all designing around those limitations tests your creativity with approaching the subject.

Placing a block literally anywhere would mean another grid system maybe?


Indeed, in fact I would love to be able to do this:

I do understand how this adds a lot of complexity when it comes down to game engine, but a man can dream…

Also, sorry for the derpy cube shape.


I know it sounds like a hard task to do but its the little things like this that need to be addressed some how

It’s a matter of how voxel engines store the data for a block. Every coordinate for every block (even air, or the absence of a block) has a set amount of data dedicated to information on the block at that coordinate. By having two blocks occupy the same space, you would have to double the amount of information in every coordinate to allow this to be possible.

Essentially, allowing two block types in a single coordinate like shown in the illustration would effectively double the load of the game.

It really seems small, but it is simply no small feat that would cripple performance and require a total overhaul of the game engine.


Yeah, I’m aware of that, that’s why I said I understood the complexity. But I can imagine making a specific block become a special tile entity type of thing when it’s placed, creating a specific instance that would be local to that chunk… A specific block creating one instance in this way still creates increased load, but only happens when it’s required, rather than being a system that’s always running but almost never used…

I didn’t say it seemed like a small issue - I only said I wished for it to be reality :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I ninja-edited my reply to you to address op without tagging them! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, no, I see now!

But also, to address the issue illustrated in @Joshh01’s post, I would personally just stop torches from being placeable on the side where they just “float”. :thinking: At least for consistency.

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yeah this would be a cool feature if they created a new block texture half as one and the half other for decoration purposes only from a crafting machine could even make a new joining/fusion module that combines blocks then it creates its own block with a two sided texture rather then two blocks joined. although i was just suggesting getting blocks and walls lined up correctly otherwise no point using walls or slabs for building maswell just use full blocks you know what i mean

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@Joshh01 Walls and slabs are still very useful for building and are under-utilized in my opinion. They can connect blocks and designs smoothly and without visually taking up a large amount of space. Try different things with them design-wise.

Also the “ghost space” can still be entered by a player, meaning walls can give you an extra half-block worth of movement space in hallways, rooms etc within your buildings. You may find this to be useful once props and other decorative items are implemented. i find it useful already for adding complexity and secret passageways to my builds


yeah i agree the concept behind the walls and slabs is very very useful and i get how the geometry works with the half bricks but im just suggesting that the ghosted / unoccupied spaces need to be addressed so items such as torches and the new decorative items which will be implemented in the game line up correctly to wall on all sides with out it floating or sticking out. it will also improve the game for us all and i do honestly think its broken you cant release a game on pc ps4 and have stuff floating and sticking out of walls like its normal and expect people not to complain about it like im doing.

yeah i guess all depends on how you address the issue to fix it over complicating things like changing the grid system would be harder to implement but i personally think changing that wouldn’t make a difference in how the half bricks work it would be the geometry of the half brick lines that need changing to actually represent a half brick rather then it looking like half brick and acting like a full brick if that make sense.

i wouldn’t quite categorize it as complaining, it’s always benificial for the devs to hear what players think needs fixing the most :slight_smile: .

I agree the floating props aren’t ideal, and there is likely a way to fix prop interaction with chiseled/half blocks that wouldn’t be as complicated as meshing two block types together, but we’ll have to wait and see what the devs have to say.

As for the final release I wouldn’t worry about it, the team is very responsive and always working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the game reaches the highest quality possible. 1.0 hasn’t been officially announced yet, and I personally hope they take all the time they need to make sure that the game is as polished as it can be before they decide to release, but I have a lot of faith in this team


yeah i agree with you the dev team for this game are awesome and always working hard, listening to players feedback. i do thank you for taking your time to reply to my post i know this game is going to be full of content and polished come release i do have faith in them ive been waiting for a game like this. i just hope that the dev do have a fix in mind or a solution to this would love to hear what they have to say :slight_smile: