When will this be fixed?

I’m not used to this crazy lag, but it’s increasing more and more these past few weeks

Also, I NEVER used to get this problem and I get approx 200mbps give or take a few mbs

This lag is crazy and I’m sure other people are experiencing it also but is anything being done about it?

I’ve yet to reclaim my old storage and move it to this area and I’m dreading that especially with this lag.
I’m placing blocks in the wrong place and I’m mining way more than I should be (also I mined 26 blocks yet only seen a few get mined in the video)

Here’s a quick video I managed to capture to show you what I mean.

2 questions to minimize possible causes while troubleshooting:

  • Does this happen on all other planets in Boundless ?
  • Running Boundless wired or wireless ?

Yes and ive tried wired and wireless and its still the same.

Like i said

nothing has changed with my setup or my internet

If that happens everywhere in Boundless and you have tried wireless + wired and did not change anything on your side then it still does not mean the problem is on Boundless Servers side.

I had this exact similar situation and it turned out my Internet Provider was changing the network and had to re-route all traffic over slower routes.

If this really would be the Boundless Servers at fault then everybody would experience the exact same lag all the time as you show in your video.

We can test a few things though to see where the problem is at.
I will contact you (PM) for further troubleshooting. (if that is ok with you ???)


So how come i can play call of duty with no lag or warzone or any other games i play. This only happens on boundless

Yes, thats fine

Boundless is extremely network heavy. It is the most network heavy game I have ever seen.
Also all movements, actions and changes are checked by the server. Only Sanctum is completely client side.
So if network packets are dropped (for whatever reason) then the client will wait and tiem out on that while the server needs to send another packets. This ‘rubberbanding’ behaviour is extra present going through portals. (switching from server to server)

Im not travelling through portals, Im on a planet with 2 other people. Im only on Trung, ive reset my game, my internet and still the same

I was just an example Jacey.

Playing Boundless right now and I have no problems with any lagg at all.

I have no idea then.

I will PM you.

Thanks @SWProzee1 for the helping.

All sorted now if an admin wants to close this!


Hey @JaceyLive @SWProzee1 how about posting how it was fixed incase happens to others.

I bookmark these type of posts so I can try the fix when I have an issue.

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Yeah sure, basically i play on playstation

and after using this website it states that they is connection issues within the playstation server.


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It seems to happen to all us console players your not alone Jacey-chan

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I have heard a ton of complaints from console players with lag and disconnection the last couple months. Hope they sort it out soon for you all.

I’m struggling to get through portals I’m having to close the game and reload it again just to get through a portal which I’d normally be able to get through.

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That’s the problem I’m having I have to sit at the portal for 5-10 min just to get through but it’s faster to just exit the game completely and log back in and I know it’s not me my papa has 1000mbps cause we heavy users

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