When you die, have "Return Here" actually return to the location in which you died

There’s not really any game mechanic that’s served by respawning you 50 blocks away from where you died instead of right there.

If you think it’s OP for some reason, have this functionality only when you die on a/your beacon.

If none of this is an option… change the text to “Return Nearby” so that the game stops lying to me.


So, when you die in lava… Would your only option be to repeatedly die in lava?


The game will refuse to open the portal over lava anyway - AFAIK the default behavior is to shoot you up until it finds flat ground.

Primary ask is for when I die in my beacon that I don’t have to run back.

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they added the feature because other people complained they didn’t like dying over and over and wanted the portal to be somewhere safe.

I’m not sure what’s best, just trying to add some history


What Collussus said… Plus, If you die by a bunch of spitters and cuttletrucks at a meteor, if you were to spawn back exactly where you died, you’d get insta-killed again because you haven’t had the space or time to heal or take a health brew.

It is the way it is to prevent you from dying again instantly, basically. :slight_smile:

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Maybe the default respawn could be adjusted to put you within 1-3mm of where you died.

If that’s unsafe or undesirable for any reason, you could choose the “bump” option.

I have to admit, I get annoyed sometimes too when I respawn far away from where I was. Usually a Hopper lands on my head while I’m collecting something that I found…then I can’t find it again. It’s also annoying if you’re in a tight space…ie a cave…then you respawn way up on a mountain top or somewhere


isnt it to have bump warp to get out off pits?

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It doesn’t have to be exact, but it would be nice to be within slingbows range. I died the other day with no items on me and instead of dropping me on the surface where I died (afked and a hopper popped me) it spawned me over 25 blocks away in a cave with a skylight

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You’d be perfectly safe, as nothing would aggro you because it’s no longer an active meteor. If you don’t have shadow effect the mobs would still have to do their “aggro dance” at you while you run away and wouldn’t kill you immediately…

If the devs actually cared about this, they’d not have mobs aggro on you while you’re in the middle of the revive pot animation. When you walk out of the sanctum portal you have immediate full control of your character, and the windup period for enemies guarantees you will not die immediately. It would also not be unreasonable for a 1-3s invulnerability period if this becomes a concern in practice.

This is my 2nd use case. Really though, if you’re concerned about anything, this is what the bump warp option is for.

This is only reasonable if there is a temporary (could be 30s-1m) marker on your compass toward where you died, so you can actually find the location.

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Happens to me too :weary:

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This is incorrect - I have had multiple instances where my portal is in the middle of a lava lake underground and I’ve had to bump it. Next time it happens, I’ll clip it.

That said, I disagree with the original premise as “spawning nearby” makes a lot more sense. I would fully support the game placing a single location in your locations list “Last Death” and updating it each time you die, so you could optionally track it if you get lost or confused after respawning.

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