Where are my chests? Reclaiming a beacon

So I reclaimed one of my largest beacons, the one where I had my storage with all the thousands of blocks hoarded from exo planets to start building my new base.

The thing is that I do actually have the thousands of blocks that I hoarded like a madman but I don’t have enough chests to store them.

I used the search bar to find all my chests or storage items but I already used them all and I still have thousands of blocks to retrieve and there is no way all of what’s left was outside chests as building materials.

So anyone has a guess of what happened?

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Same problem here but my sovereign I let reclaim but the reclaim ain’t showing up.

Already happened to my son, he was not able to see his reclaim but I was , so if you give perms to a friend or an Alt probably they can empty your reclaim for you

Sovereigns get 2 weeks after they go down so you have a grace period to pay to bring them back up. At the end of the 2 weeks, any beacons that were on the planet will reclaim.

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I’ve never done a super big reclaim, I mean I’ve done some decent ones but…so I can’t say if I have any knowledge but…do you have more than one recliam? Is it possible there’s another reclaim waiting after this one? or on an alt?

So you dont see the chests in the reclaim it sounds like. If it is a large reclaim it has several pages. I usually find my chests towards the last page.