Where can I find Topaz?


I need to build a Refinery power coils so I need some Topaz.

Id like to try and mine my own, so does anyone know a good planet for finding it, maybe one that has a mine?

In case I need to, anyone know the cheapest shop to buy some?



Galan, there are spots everywhere and mining at roughly 200 to 220 altitude will net a good amount.


remember the post you made about the diamonds, and we gave you the link to a mine on McKrib, :smiley: the gate room before the diamond location has topaz mine in on Galan


Level 5 and 6 shock or chill worlds in the mountains at higher elevations.

Galan - lvl 6 shock (aus server)
Cardass - lvl 6 shock (eu central)
Houchus - lvl 6 chill (us east)
Alnitans - lvl 5 chill (us west)


… anywho. i can give you a deal on the coils. Found a town burned out a few weeks ago.


Galan is best for mining topaz!) My record - 1500 gems in 40 minutes. I used Speed brews, persisting pies and aoe diamond hammers. I recommend looking for small spots
with the help of the Atlas. Topaz is found at an altitude of up to 230


Xa Frant is a good planet


Last I knew Xa Frant was not a good spot for Topaz. Galan is the best bet. Houchus is good to get a fair bit of Topaz while mining Saphire.


Are you talking about mining topez or buying topez? Xa Frant is a level 3 world.


For clarity sake, gems spawn on elemental worlds based on the element type. Each element type has a pair of gems (major/minor). Elemental worlds are teir 5 and up.


Just commenting that Xa Frant is a good planet.


Understood, possibly confusing to people that are looking for specific information about geen locations though as it has nothing to do with the request for information.

I do concur that Xa Frant is a nice planet, just not for gems.


Agreed. However, if the OP was someone who was consistently rude to people on the forum, after they replied with help in good faith. I might be inclined to give unhelpful advice. Hypothetically of course.


I’ll sell you refined topaz 10K each


You must be talking about a lot of refined topaz. You can find advanced refinery coils selling in the 3k range each.




Are you talkin about me


Sorry yes was just curious on the quantities of refined topaz for 10k


OK. Ill look.

I mined at the diamond mine for hours with no diamonds.

I had an atlas with diamond in it and I was at several hot spots, but I just kept hitting lava.

Its just way to hard to find reources.

Iron, copper are easy, but the higher ores are just hard for me to find.

Guess, ill keep looking.

Thanks for the help.


Where did you mine? There’s no lava in those mcKrib mines 1 and 2. Ive been mining those for months from Mantle to alt 20


1 stone for 10k im a capitalist ill deal with everyone some just have to pay for my time as well as my goods