Where can I look/vote on the current road map?

I’ve been trying to see what the early future of oort looks like and I have seen the current funded and future to be funded is on the main page, I’m looking for what is currently being developed and where could I vote on what I’d like to see next.

I think they will e-mail you.

Votes are sent out to backers through email periodically
the results of those votes that have already been done and what has been funded already can be found on their website http://oortonline.com/#
more than that can be found in conversations within topics here on the forums
also follow their twitter account

The Vote is normally shortly after a funding goal is complete in which you will be emailed a vote

The vote will ask you what you would like to be funded next as well as a bunch of other stuff

After a while the vote will stop and the devs will put all the information together and post the results

to get an idea of what the results look like


Thank you!

We lack $9,643 before reaching the next survey.

Funny how the short cut option was extremely down voted.

Not really people who pay before game release generally don’t like Pay to win games.

I’m not into it, I just found is humorous of how downvoted it got to an extreme level. :smile: