Where does Dark Glass drop or how is it obtained?

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Been away along while, and I can’t see any info about where to gather this.

Dark Glass:

Thank you. If there are any mines/farm portals for this, that’d be helpful info as well.

galan ps hub

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Also Ultima hub. There’s 2 or 3 farms you can use regen bombs.

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It’s sold at many shops for around 5c, generally. In case you’d rather go that route.

Thanks all.

And wow 5c I paid a lot more than that :smiley:

Some exos can be pretty good for it too. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m undercutting everyone!?!? I actually don’t sell a lot of it so I assumed I wasn’t.

Dark Glass is found on galan. galan dark glass is found in crystal formations similar to the crystals on Kada 1. you need 4 potent protection to go tho

You know dark glass description needs changed. It’s not transparent and it also impossible to see through

Farm at the PS hub. Galan.

I always thought they should’ve just gone with obsidian… unless they’ve planned something more awesome with that name!!! !StartRumor