Where does the gleam meteor fall more often? Just played and I want to get into they hype

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Hi guys and girls, just want to ask where or what planet spawn the most gleam meteor. I only have one day to try this event.

Thank you for those who will answer.

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It is random what type of meteor it will be but there are 4 lush planets gleambow spawns on. Circa, boori,biitula and xa Frant.

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You can trigger one almost immediately in a region that you haven’t been to recently or ever.

Xa Frant

There’s a lot of people on Circ using their GB augments to spawn meteors. These are only for the blocks. They won’t have creatures that drop mutated sacs. (It appears they are hitting the meteor limit sometimes.) Great if you want a lot of blocks & oort.

If you want sacs, I’d recommend going with a group on one of the other 3 planets.


Okay, thank you for the prompt response :smiley:

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