Where I can find resources? Let's create statistic together!

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So! Since the new update has any one found a sweet spot for cole? My once plentiful coal/fossil mine is now filled with gold silver titanium and fossils but verry little coal.


I checked up the game file with resource distribution parameters. What we have now?
Now we have 4 home world sets instead of one. And not all of them are included AT Components :flushed:
And now we have 4 metal moon sets instead of one too. Plus we have categories, which included: home1+home2+home3+home4+home1+home1+home1+home1.

Perhaps, this eight entries in category “home_planet” is some layers which James speaked about. Perhaps we need to read it such way: chance to find copper in one block is…

  • 1% in altitude [0; 32),
  • 0.87% in altitude [32; 64),
  • 0.77% in altitude [64; 96),
  • 0.71% in altitude [96; 128)
  • 1% in altitude [128; 256].

By the way, we have following calculated amount of every resource per 1000 blocks:

Please, be free to share your thought about.

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How can i read the dephts? Is is between the bold text dephts?