Where is a good place to start a base?

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Well my stuff ashed because i had other things to do. happens. SO where do i build my new Base? On T4 because i have easy acess to other worlds? On T1 because easy? On T3 because oort? On T6 because f It and souvereigns?


I have two problems with high tier.

The first is that everything is so hard or expensive. Forged gem tools to work with basic blocks and building at all times. Max skills required for “basic” tasks. At least, in acceptable time frames.

The second is that my forger can’t even go to T6, and my crafter can’t afford max protections on all 5 pages required to craft all.

Given that this keeps me under T4, I just went looking for a nice spot. Wound up on a T2 in my local region. So, I have aggressive mobs and no oort, but I can also use nearly the lowest/cheapest grades of gear around my base and anyone can go there.


I think the location is the most important. It you find a good place on a t1 you could build there, likewise if you find a cool spot in t6. But if you don’t plot enough to to protect yourself from hostile mobs, higher tier planets can be very annoying - but on the other hand, you get lots of passive mob drops over time… :sweat_smile:

You will connect your place with a portal to a portal network anyway, so in that sense you are within 1 minute away from any planet at all times anyway.


First off I’d say depends what you are using your base for?
If you rarely craft or cook then the only disadvantages of T4+ is atmospheric protection points and having to use higher dmg tools and/or use skill points on dmg where you wouldnt normally.

If you are mad about crafting and have no issue using alts or swapping your skill page then again no issue.

If you want to head out your front door and be able to kill things or gather certain things without extra travel worth taking that into account.

The key thing for me has always been convenience, I’d favour proximity to a network over most things and thats pretty easy these days as you can go on any tier and 1 blinksec to many builds or small hubs that will lead you to a main network pretty easily or in some cases directly to one.

On lower tiers less mob headache and even the chance to just build right next to a small hub or join a community.


Being mainly a builder, I go for the right surroundings on a t3 or lower. Any higher and there is more hassle in avoiding death…I like to enjoy a more relaxed pace when chiselling in the great outdoors, though a bit of danger does add a bit of spice. Also, as has been said, more effort to do basic building tasks on higher tier worlds…a big pain.
Currently building base on a t3 sovereign as right balance of interesting landscape and survivability.

edit: jinxed it


T3s are the “sweet spot” for me, giving me access to more interesting landscapes (in my opinion) while not being so dangerous that my crafters cannot leave the workshop for fear of immediate death. Everybody is still equipped with at least a diamond bow, however. I am currently building a tavern and it seems that every cuttletrunk on the planet was swarming the roof while I was chiseling, so there is still a bit of a headache to building on them.

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The only problem I have with T6 is the Commute when you want something!!


We started on a T1 planet (Sorissi) until we got the concept of the game and then we bought a Sov planet and moved there. We still have bases on home planets.

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The problem for me with higher tier worlds is how spammy the mobs are. IMO they ought to notch it down a bit. I get the mob spam on an Exo but not so much on regular T3-T6.
It’s quite annoying hearing that pwa-pwa-pwa_pwa… PWE PWE PWE PWE PWE PWE PWE (flying alien thing), everywhere you go. You just can’t chill a moment and think lol

Minecraft solves this by keeping the mob spam for nights only so you can chill throughout the day. That’s why for now I’ll avoid building on a T5 or higher. You can also build a lava wall in MC around your base andb the mobs problem is long gone - no such thing in this game. They’ll just spawn near and pwa pwa their way onto your roof spotting you through the structure with their XRAY vision.

But of course that could also be because I’m not specced for hunting but building and a bit mining. Which is kind of another problem here. Doing hybrid builds is not very comfortable in thsi game, you’re either this or that. Or mining will take 2x longer or you’re going to die really quickly. So I just spam my grapple and completely avoid the mob part of the game. I’ve been playing since 2017 and not even once felt any enjoyment engaging with mobs here. Part because they’re too spammy and the balance is weird.

I’m also very put off by the heat seeking projectiles in this game (lousy design - Elden Ring has the same ■■■■ going on with input reading which is artificial cheap difficulty and is dumb af). And regarding the balance; why do we have an explosion creeper mob but also a shooting mob that spams explosions PLUS a flying explosion shooting mob with evn more powerful heat seeking misiles? You can’t really organise your battles this way since they all pretty much do everything the other does on higher tier worlds. Ther’s no real diference except, this one jumps around, this one crawls around and this one likes to fly and make annoying noises as they spot you THROUGH FIVE METER THICC BLOCK ROCK WALLS.

Mobs really aren’t enjoying for me to engage with. Infuriating as Elden Ring is, the fights are quite engaging even tho there’s a lot of cheap nd dumb difiiculty.

Ja ik maak van alles een klaag post.

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Thank you all i will go to a T3 i guess

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Lutrion has a lot of nice free space, and is definitely not over crowded. Lutrion does not get the attention she deserves. :slight_smile: if anything just run around a take a look

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imo, best plsce to build 1st base and become familiar with game mechanics iareTier 1 worlds - my first planet was Dzassak :slight_smile:

after you set your home base you can start explore higher tiers - personally i never built base at higher tier, no point for me, only using higher tier planet for mining - ores and gems or gathering resources - vide sand, gravel, ash, sponge, tree -public farms farms

my advice - join guild you want, find their home planet, find a place in vincinity of their city - hub - shops for easy access to portals / resources / request baskets

there are few big guilds now still got place for new players, offering places to settle, own sov planets to settle there, The Future, GTG, Vikings, Glitch World,
Kree Empire? and few others, im not sure about names, check SOV WALL at TNT MEGA HUB - most of sov owners made own guild at their sov offering place to settle on their own sov :S

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I Feel the Best place For your base is in a world you like. I wouldnt ever build in a world i dislike… Like example gloviathosa… That place looks so ■■■■… And i mean you gonna see that place a lot.

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You will never guess where my New base is XD

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