Where to find Desert Sword? (and objective completion)


As title… once upon a time fibourous leaves were so easy to come by… now it appeares the flowers that give them are so very rare…

i have looked everywhere - Therka/Solum/Berlyn… in the dessert, in the plaines… and i have only ever found 4 in total…

Interesting since the leaves are a main ingredient for Iron.copper tools! (which are sold very cheap)

Am i looking i the wrong place? Does someone know something i dont? whats the deal here? LOL


Just been told i can get them from mining foliage >.>

Thanks George! :slight_smile:


The desert sword plants are in pretty much any biome, although deserts make them easier to spot (as does turning down grass quality). The fibrous leaves also drop infrequently (~2%-3% chance i think) from normal foliage blocks - so you could always whack away at those…


obviously with luck attribute and bonus stat attribute skills the 2 to 3% becomes far more


Yeah mine leaves in a swamp biome.
With a diamond axe if possible but its not required. Some people get several thousand an hour but i’ve never done it for that long. (These still sell for 35-50c’s)


I always farm for fibrous leaves on tier 3 planets simply because of the higher drop rate. I’m using max luck of course.
I keep hearing people suggest the starter planets (since so many generate there) but I think that may be causing too many people to be there preventing them from regenerating fast enough.
If you can defend yourself against a few persistent cuttlefish and are fast enough to outrun spitters, i’d give a T3 planet a try. Vulpto would be good but they’re hard to see when EVERYTHING is red, I’d try Nasharil or Alturnik if the lag is tolerable.


Yeah I am the same. I usually gather enough while gathering wood. The other day I tried the swamp biome, because my main build is in it :D, and it works quicker for leaves as you are breaking 3 at a time with very little break. However you get nothing else like bark from the trunks or decent berries etc.

Munteen has some okay trees near one of my plots as well, if I get to the canopy on top of them I can mine along clusters of them.


yep thanks everyone :slight_smile: just i have not played in at least 2 months until the weekend… and a hella alot has changed (almost completely)

and on a glorious note…

Now i just got to go and do it on my main account QQ - thanks to AargTheHunter (whoever you are) and all those shops which love to eat coal… i could not have done it one - without Aarg’s advice… and two without all those coins i have been making from hours of mining coal :wink:


Yeah coals pretty good value to sell. I generally sell the hard when i’ve got a lot of it saved up. As I use the medium for spark, basic for smelting, and I don’t run a large shop so I don’t need a quicker version. If things stay as they are the economy for coal will always be okay as its used so much.


SHH! james might hear us!!!


Meh its still only probably the 4-5th best thing to farm :smiley: but you get it as a side bonus so.