Where to get tax?

Hey, im a warden of a city, and there are some shops in the city but i never got any tax bonus :frowning:
also my city is the capitol of a world, and i thought i then also get tax from the world, but i never got any tax bonus

tax coins in all my beacons are allways 0c
is this just not implemented? or whats the problem?

Not implemented.
Tax goes to no one atm.

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Isnt this a feature that once worked but was taken out - but never removed from the UI, and now instead just used as a general coin sink ?

ah ok,
so tax is now just to avoid inflation then? =)

Yes, I cannot find the official answer about it (but it’s there somewhere)
Taxes where not meant to return in the economy as pocket money for the warden. Could be used for another purpose later.

I hv a feeling tax will come back in some form when guild system is introduced.

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The tax system is one of those “foundational features” to help lay the groundwork for future mechanics. For now, you just have to rely on footfall :slight_smile:

Either this or the fact it really is a coinsink which the game does not possess in another way but instead has daily quests and footfall to increase the amount of coins floating. I have watched many games fall to dark times because of a lack of coinsink so I approve of this staying this way.

Who knows how footfall will truly work when settlements are rehashed to allow real communities which gain revenue rather than the currently competitive based building system we currently have.

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