Where to get these colors?

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22 - mustard ?
23 - deep mustard?
24 -strong mustard?
25 - deep orange?
26 - stark orange?
27 - light orange?
28 - vivid orange?

please, anyone can help with this? above are my bets, i think i pick color right but im not 100% sure

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I’ve used a color detector via image to try to find the closest RGB values. Also trying to match up the colors on an IPS monitor. Depending on what kind of screen we are all using, we will likely get different answers. These are my best guesses of the closest colors. None are exact, not even black, technically.

  1. Green
  2. Night Green (it’s really in between Night Green and Strong Green)
  3. Strong Green
  4. Hot Moss
  5. Pale Cerulean or Light Azure or Stale Cerulean
  6. Cool Slate or Cool Azure
  7. Deep Azure or Azure
  8. Bright Azure
  9. Strong Cobalt or Strong Blue
  10. Strong Red
  11. Red or Cherry
  12. Black
  13. Luminous Blue or Cold Berry or White
  14. Luminous Tan
  15. Crisp Tan
  16. Warm Mustard
  17. Stark Mustard
  18. Vivid Orange
  19. Tan or Light Tan or Vivid Mustard
  20. Luminous Yellow
  21. Bright Mustard
  22. Mustard or Sepia
  23. Strong Mustard or Dark Mustard
  24. Strong Orange
  25. Strong Red
  26. Bright Red or Light Orange
  27. Light Red
  28. There isn’t really one that matches this color, unfortunately. You could try Vivid Red or Warm Red. Vivid Orange might be okay too, except that’s #18. Deep Orange is another possibility.
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well as i expected, different mmethod, dioifferent results, maybe few more players help so we can pick most matching colors together :smiley:

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Don’t forget some colors will look different in different atmospheres.
Also if Boundlexx is down Boundlessinfo will be down as the both source from the same place. I use boundlessinfo constantly.


Thank you so much! will look into them!

Thank you! some colors are already a match and found! appreciate. yes some colors i need to alternate or go for the closest. very painful to the brain… haha!

Thank you. i think the colors you and flyingPenguin chose is most probably very close / accurate to my colors!

Roger that! Thank you!